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January 30, 2008

Spurs thank their lucky stars

A fairly innocuous Associated Press puff piece on Hank Steinbrenner this weekend yielded very little in the way of things worth reading, except for a small paragraph or two tossed in towards the end.

Hank, 50, the de facto boss of the Yankees, played soccer at Central Methodist and coached for a while at Ocala Vanguard High, and revealed to the AP that they would love to purchase a soccer team.

From the article:

In the early 1990s, the Yankees were approached to buy a 33 percent interest in England’s Tottenham Hotspur for about $32 million. New York passed, a decision Hank regrets.

Fuuuuuuuck me. To think that Spurs, the team of Mabbutt, Gazza and Lineker could have been slowly pulled under the clean-shaven, short-back-and-sides regime of the Yankees… imagine how different that club would be now.

He went on to say that he’d still be interested in Spurs or, incredibly, Notts Forest, if the price was right.

All joking aside, the Steinbrenners are fairly good businessmen, despite the cash cow spending of the Yanks in recent years. They couldn’t care less about another American franchise in any of the major sports, but soccer is the apple of their eye from here on out.

Malcolm Glazer’s purchase of the Red Devils has opened the floodgates for serious American and foreign investment, and I suppose now that fat Hank is on the trail, the lid’s truly blown off the EPL as a place to store some money.

Just imagine…. Spurs under Yankee ownership. F**k. They’d be worse than Man U, QPR, Chelsea and Liverpool combined.

At least Ronaldinho would know that once he begins his sharp decline in talent, Tottenham would buy him for 40 million pounds.

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