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January 31, 2008

Deco’s drunk-driving exploits

Cheers to Bigus Dickus for more Photoshop magic.

Thanks to the magic of late reporting, we learn that Barcelona’s midfield marauder Deco got busted for drunk-driving almost 2 weeks ago.

He was pulled over while driving in the city, and thanks to La Vanguardia, it is reported that he blew a .35, far above the .25 limit.

Impressive work, sir.

While I imagine that playing in the Nou Camp with all superstars is an intoxicating experience, I had no idea it would translate to this.

What’s the punishment? A fine of up to $886 and a three-month suspension on his license.

Maybe Ronaldinho can drive him to work until this matter blows over.

After the jump, some video highlights of Deco [and no, none of them involve him driving].

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  1. The Fan's Attic

    can anybody tell me how a .35 in Spain relates to a .08 in America. I imagine there is some difference with metrics and all but f**k, .35 seems really high to me. Not to mention… .25 is the limit? Jeeezzzus.

  2. ΓΌ75

    should help you.

    .25 is approximately equal to a .05 on the US scale, I think,

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