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February 21, 2008

The Inevitable Letdown: Bayern-Aberdeen Liveblog

After last week’s draw, Aberdeen travels to Munich this time to take on Bayern. Bayern hold the cards in this match up with a stronger team, 2 away goals and home field advantage. I’ll be with you here until it gets to be too much for me, an Aberdeen fan, to bear.

image from mirror.co.uk

After the jump, some liveblogging. Feel free to join in my misery and send me emails to unprofessionalfoul@gmail.com.
71.00 Goal Podolski. Now I get to stop paying attention, as well.

Nope. I’m calling it for this liveblog. If you want updates, go here. Thanks for stopping by. We’ll do this again sometime, maybe for something I don’t have to watch on a computer.

It looks like the feed just came back. Fingers crossed.

Feed gone again, possibly for good. Mackie booked for dissent. I wonder why?

Maybury over from 35. Shot looked good, but always just high.

Back with a better feed. Son is waking up. More interruptions to follow.

Kick Off
Still no video. Will be stealing from other sources until I can see it myself.

Rangers tied it up in the 85th. Looks like they are going through.

Player seems to be giving me problems again. Hope to be back on it soon.

Halftime 2-0
Well, it could always be worse. Two goals off of setpieces give Bayern the lead. Both of the would have been saved if Langfiels spiked his hair with some strong gel. Beyond that, Aberdeen has, as could be expected, given up a lot of shots, with a couple of them threatening. Langfield has been superb when the ball is not going to the high center of goal.

Aberdeen need 2 to tie it up overall. I think they can sneak one in, but two is asking too much. Settle in, I’m getting some pizza, and be back in 15 minutes.

Lucio ( I think) off the post after a Langfield save. No injury time.

Kahn takes a back pass and almost lets it roll in goal. More for show than anything, there was no real danger.

Nicholson gets a yellow for dissent after the Bayern defender falls over Mackie and Makie gets called for the foul.

I take it back. Aberdeen has had their chances. 2 goals would bring extra time (3 goals and weep with joy). It’s not black yet, but it’s not looking good. Sagnol rolls around on the ground.

No way back now. Walker fires over from 35.

Van Buyten scores off the free kick. Langfield has whatever the opposite of a 5 hole is above his head. Two goals he should have saved. 2-0

Aluko gets a yellow after the German dives after taking two more steps. Who was it that did that horrible dive against Celtic last year? Some Italian. This was the same.

Just saw the Leverkusen mention. I was thrown because I did not see the stripes. Don’t they usually wear stripes? And 5-0, wow.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d bet this ref was a crushed Real Madrid fan back in ’83. Every time Aberdeen get forward, a defender goes down and gets the call.

Ottl’s well struck shot from 25 easily saved.

Aberdeen are very much showing that they only have 3 in the back giving up lots of shots, but thankfully only one goal. I wish that 5 in midfield would get ahold of the ball more often.

A bit of sustained pressure by Aberdeen yields a counterattack for Bayern. The cross is headed behind by Considine. Van Buyten’s header off the corner goes to Langfield.

End to end now. Luca Toni passes Zander Diamond and gets saved by Langfield on a 20 yard shot.

OOOOHHHH. Darren Mackie gets behind the defense, goes far post, and misses by 6 inches. Kahn was beaten, but to no avail. Aberdeen are finding space in the back of Bayern.

Aberdeen have a weak penalty claim denied.

The German onslaught has scaled back. More of an even game in midfield at this point.

Langfield redeems himself with a big one on one save on Altintop. Rebound shot goes wide.

Aberdeen is getting the wrath of the Spanish referee. Another talking too but no card. Bayern shoot weakly, and are in control.

Thanks to LB for the lineup update. Ribery has had a thigh strain, I believe.

Maybury pulls down an attacking Kroos 25 yards out, gets a yellow. And goddamn, Lucio scores on the free kick, right over Langfield’s head. Embarrassing. 1-0.

According to SKY, Bayern are all over Aberdeen early. Podolski has already hit the bar and Aberdeen are backed into their own end. This will be ugly. Like Scotland playing the return leg against Netherlands in WC 2006 qualis ugly.

Alright, I have picture.

Aberdeen is banged up again heading into the match, missing 4 first teamers. Bayern is a little better off than last week, but they are still missing Ribery. Starting Podolski over Klose seems to be a strange decision, but who am I kidding, he’s still better than anyone on Aberdeen.

Crap. Looks like we’re not on here. Hold on while I try other options.

15 minutes until kick
. I’m watching an old match where Levante (I believe) are demolishing Galatasary 5-0. Does anyone know when this match was? It says live, but I am sure it is not.

Aberdeen (3-5-2): Langfield, Considine, Diamond, Maybury, Foster, Nicholson, Severin, Aluko, Mackie, Miller, Walker

Bayern Munich (5-3-2) Kahn, Sagnol, Lucio, Van Buyten, Jansen, Altintop, Ottl, Van Bommel, Kroos, Toni, Podolski

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