Unprofessional Foul


February 23, 2008

We’re Not Kidding When We Warn You

It’s almost Theisman-esque, although not quite Cisse-esque (Warning: also gruesome). But after the jump is a picture of Arsenal’s Eduardo da Silva and a picture of what used to be his ankle.

The challenge from Birmingham City’s Martin Taylor didn’t look that vicious in real time, but the look on Eduardo’s teammates’ faces (particularly Cesc Fabregas) immeditately told the story of how bad da Silva was hurt.

A furious Arsene Wegner declared Taylor should never play football again. That’s probably a bit harsh, as again, in real time it didn’t look intentionally vicious. But it’s a pretty grim reminder, especially to casual soccer fans, who look at people sliding into each other then scream, “Get up you pansy.”

These are big, fast, strong men, who are wearing very little protection on their bodies. A couple of cleats at the ankle, and it could be the end of what seems like an extremely promising career.

[Update: After a couple of hours to sit with this, it actually seems worse. And maybe Wenger was right. Live, the challenge didn’t look too vicious, but that was one angle, from a distance. These two pics here and here tell kind of a different story. In one Taylor looks like he’s aiming for Eduardo’s shin and in the second, he looks pretty self-satisfied with his handiwork. So f**k that guy. And the FA should come down harsh on him and manager Alex McLeish, who clearly thinks the only way to compete with Arsenal is through rough play and cheap shots.]

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