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March 26, 2008

Steve Morrow and Alexi Lalas–Two Peas in a Pod

Last Summer LA Galaxy GM and former USMNT member Alexi Lalas came out with his guns blazing and the EPL right in his aim. Lalas said MLS was on par with the Premiership and that the EPL was an “inferior product.” Many said he was crazy and I am not inclined to disagree with those people.

FC Dallas manager Steve Morrow (that’s him on the right), however, has cast his lot with Lalas. Morrow’s bona fides are legit though. He played several seasons for Arsenal in the premiership and was a Northern Ireland interational. The FC Dallas manager, however, is far less bombastic than Lalas in his pronouncements.

He believes the perception in this country, let alone overseas, of the overall level of play in MLS is vastly and continually underestimated.

“The standards are growing each year and I genuinely believe we are at the stage now where the top sides could survive in the English Premiership,” Morrow said.

“The league is building itself in the right way and people in Europe are definitely taking notice. We see that when teams come over here, the MLS clubs are very competitive.”

Morrow probably has a valid point. It is tough to imagine an MLS team doing any worse than Derby County this year.

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