Unprofessional Foul


May 11, 2008


So what if it was an Englishman with an Irish surname who scored the clinching goal, Fulhamerica survive. Yippee.

Hey. we are nothing if not partial around here.

And, with Manchester City seemingly trying to throw away any shot at the Fair Play spot it doesn’t seem out of the realm of metaphysical possibility that Fulham will get to play in Europe’s NIT next season.

But let’s not get greedy.

Anyway, congrats to the Cottagers. We’re happy that at least a couple of Americans will continue to be employed in the EPL next season (Bocanegra is proabably out and not many people can figure out how Keller got signed in the first place but, eh, that will all get sorted out in time).

So for now, bring on the hookers!

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