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June 4, 2008

Rooney Lies

Colleen McLoughlin better watch out. Wayne Rooney is a liar and has been caught with his pants down. No, it’s not from his bachelor party. Rather, he was caught by the long arm of the law. David Moyes, his former manager at Everton, has successfully sued Rooney for libel.

The damn English libel laws don’t allow athletes to wantonly print lies in their autobiographies, even though the laws allow them to “write” books when they can barely spell their own names.

Unfortunately, the dick stomper won’t be out of pocket with this decision as his publisher, Harper Collins, is taking the heat.

HarperCollins have accepted the libel should have been quickly picked up by the lawyers employed to read the transcript before it was published.

They may now sue 5RB, the legal chambers of media law specialist QC, Desmond Browne, whose chambers did the proof-reading of the Rooney book, ghost-written by Hunter Davies as the first of a five-book deal.

I blame David Hirshey. And, would suggest that HC sue The Daily Mail for publishing the obvious piece libel to the right. We all know Rooney can’t read.

[Photo: The Daily Mail]

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  1. Goat

    I’m surprised that book isn’t upside down.

  2. ROTT

    What did Rooney lied about in his book? That he was good at passing the ball?

  3. The Fan's Attic

    Goat, if I were any good at photoshop it would have been, or maybe i would have inserted some granny porn.

  4. Lingering Bursitis

    there’s a comic book hidden inside that book, i bet

  5. Lingering Bursitis


    say what you want about his passing, but that one cross-field pass from the halfway line to Ronaldo during the CL Final was bedwettingly spectacular. Had a crap game for the most part after that.

  6. The Fan's Attic

    LB: You’re right about that. That was one of those amazing Rooney hustle plays. That was all his own doing, which is one attribute that truly impresses me: His willingness to do the necessary hard work.

  7. Rick Rottman

    Lingering Bursitis: You’re probably right. It just seems to me that when I watch a Man United game, he takes an awful lot of shots.

  8. Ian

    A five book deal? holy s**t, what’s next “Me score good at Aulde Trafferd?”

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