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June 8, 2008

Euro 2008 Open Thread: Croatia v. Austria

The other co-host for Euro 2008 Austria opens its tournament today against Croatia. Austria is the lowest ranked nation in Euro 2008 and will be lucky to get any points in group play. But, being in your homeland always has some positive effect. So, maybe they can shock the world. Their fans don’t seem to think so, since some started a petition to keep the team out of the tournament.

Croatia, on the other hand, is veteran of international tournaments having qualified for the last 3 world cups and taking 3rd in 1998. Croatia has young midfielder Luca Modric who will play for Tottenham next spring that is picked to have a breakout tournament. Hopefully, the racist neo-Nazi Croatian fans don’t ruin this tournament.

Lineups after the jump…


21 Jurgen Macho (G)
3 Martin Stranzl (D)
4 Emanuel Pogatetz (D)
12 Ronald Gercaliu (D)
15 Sebastien Prodl (D)
10 Andreas Ivanschitz (M)
6 Rene Aufhauser (M)
2 Joachim Standfest (M)
19 Jurgen Saumel (M)
9 Roland Linz (F)
20 Martin Harnik (F)


1 Stipe Pletikosa (G)
3 Josip Simunic (D)
4 Robert Kovac (D)
5 Vedran Corluka (D)
11 Darijo Srna (M)
19 Niko Kranjcar (M)
10 Nico Kovac (M)
22 Danijel Pranjic (M)
14 Luka Modric (M)
21 Mladen Petric (F)
18 Ivica Olic (F)

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  1. Ian

    He who cannot be named getting things started off with a PK

  2. The Fan's Attic

    Sorry about the late start, but it was a late night last night.

  3. Ian

    Couldn’t the Germans just have loaned a few of their bench guys to the Austrian team for this tourney? A la France and Senegal/half of West Africa? Because the players on the pitch for Austria suck.

  4. Jordan

    They don’t suck, they’re just football challenged.

  5. Ian

    That is not a yellow in the Premiership

  6. Mike Georger

    your diver of the tournament, ivica olic!

  7. Ian

    Austria are like a Colaship team that lives by the headed goal

  8. The Fan's Attic

    The studio host forgot Andy Gray’s name. Ha.

  9. sven

    “Andy Gray and I are going to beat you up later tonight.”

    “Foudy is the one that scares me”

    Now, THAT’S restaurant quality commentating.

  10. Ian

    That…was a deserved yellow card

  11. The Fan's Attic

    Come on Austria!!!

  12. Ian

    Austria….are this close to getting the equalizer

  13. The Fan's Attic

    really, just put one in the net austria. that’s all we are asking.

  14. Nick

    these austrian jerseys are incredibly flimsy. thats at least the second one ive seen badly torn.

  15. Precious Roy

    Austria deserved better.

    I have a firm grasp on the obvious.

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