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July 1, 2008

Hey Look We’re Exprets, Too

That was intentional.

Anyway, we’re going to milk the Euro for all we can, because once we run out of related posts, we’re going to have to think of things to write about.

Sure there’s the transfer market, but Liverpool is holding Crouch hostage for a fee that is almost exactly what they need to buy Gareth Barry. So their financial situation is fairly transparent and any move they make will be similarly telegraphed. As for the Gunner contingency among us, we will simply plug our ears—la la la la not listening—place faith in Wenger, and conveniently forget that it hasn’t really worked out the last two seasons.

So as futbol’s hot stove heats up, we go to eleven and present our best squads from Euro 08.

Of note, only one of us put Xavi, the UEFA player of the tournament, in their starting XI. By our collective accounting, Marcos Senna was probably the Spanish midfielder of choice, as he made every single list.

In fact, I’m just going to call out UEFA’s panel of nine technical experts as collectively ‘tarded up for their choice. Not that Xavi was at all bad, but it’s pretty clear that Senna was the main reason that Spain went through the knock out stages without conceding a goal.

He so disrupted the Russian and German midfields that Casillas didn’t even have that much to do; and the reflex kick-save on Camoranesi in the quarters turned out to be the most title-saving save he had to make.

Anyway, David Villa and Carlos Puyol were similarly lauded. The latter made every list but one and the former all but two (and the two he was absent from had striker partner Torres instead).

As for players not from Spain (or naturalized Brazil-born Spaniards) there was lots of love for Andrei Arshavin.

It’s tough to poo poo that choice after he riddled the Dutch silly, but I’m going to try anyway. Arshavin only played in three games, and in one of them he was completely shut down—like NYC November ’65 shut down—by Senna. So Arshavin had one nice game against Sweden, and a superb game against a Dutch team that, pre-tourney, everyone thought had a suspect back line that was waiting to be exposed. So maybe don’t believe the hype.

My personal favorite squad? Not even mine. The NY Kid went genius crazy on us and cooked up a formidable 4-5-2.

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