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October 3, 2008

Deja Vu

So we are 6 games into the new season and Spurs’ expensive new signings are stinking up the Premiership, Derby County-style. The stench is so bad that English newspapers have started to suggest that the manager is soon to be canned, and not only that! They have even linked a manager to the position who works for another club. Sound familiar?

As Sarah Palin would say… “You betcha!”

Let’s go back exactly 12 months. Martin Jol was having a nightmare and the vultures were circling. Daniel Levy denied that he was interested in replacing Jol with one Juande Ramos. The papers knew what was going on, hell, Jol knew what was going on.

It’s a good job that Ramos doesn’t speak English as he is shortly to find out that he is no se necesita mas nada, that’s surplus to requirements to most of us. So who does Levy have lined up? Maybe one Mark Hughes.

But wait… “Hell NO!” shout Spurs.

This morning they issued the following statement on the official Tottenham Hotspur website:

The Club largely refrains from making statements of this nature unless absolutely necessary in order to set the record straight in light of wholly inaccurate reporting.An article on the back page of this morning’s Sun newspaper reports that the Club has made an offer to Mark Hughes to take over as manager during the forthcoming international break.This story is completely untrue and without foundation and the matter is being discussed with the publication.

Ok. Done deal. Naughty papers stirring the pot. Bad bad press. Don’t trust them, lets move on…

Oh, hang on, no, lets zoom back in time… what’s this I find from Aug 24th last year?

Daniel Levy finally offered Martin Jol his “100% support” yesterday but no sooner had he done so than his club, Tottenham Hotspur, were forced into another denial about an alleged rendezvous with a prospective new manager – this time, the former Real Madrid coach, Fabio Capello.

Levy has endured a torrid time since a delegation from his board of directors was caught meeting with Juande Ramos, the Sevilla manager, in Seville. Ramos said Tottenham had made him a “dizzying” offer to replace Jol, a statement of fact that Tottenham contest.

We have received a couple of calls about top managers but they have been told politely but in no uncertain terms that we are not about to change our manager,” said a club spokesman.

Uh oh.. Get packing Juande. You know the drill. In fact, you devised the drill!

Now what can we learn from last years “situation”?

Well. Capello was mentioned and who knows, probably approached. Hughes may not want to leave Man City for Spurs, even if his new mega-rich employers try to push him as they look for an experienced ‘top name’ to spend their gazillions, but there is no smoke without fire. Hughes is merely last year’s Capello.

One thing is for sure…No statement from Spurs can EVER be believed.

Spurs have spent plenty of cash and the fans honestly deserve better football. After all, Spurs are supposed to be a footballing side. The obvious difference between Ramos and Jol appears to be knowing where players belong. Jol did and Ramos doesn’t.

When your manager buys one of the best right backs in the world (Corluka) and then states he may want to play him in central defence, the alarm bells should be ringing loudly. And what’s with no English? Capello, Scolari, Mourinho, Benitez, Wenger, Fergusson (kidding) all learned the language necessary to to the job in hand. How can you bring success to a Premiership club when you cannot even be bothered to accelerate your learning to the point that you can communicate with your players without an interpreter?

Spurs need a manger who can take them seriously and the sooner they admit they are looking, send Ramos home and replace him, the better for all involved, especially the fans who have been teased constantly for years. Under Jol they were a decent Lasagna away from the Champions League and with Ramos they were given false hope with the league cup win over Chelsea during his honeymoon period. Today, they are in the worst position they have been in for over 50 years.

Juande (sorry) they may look back and sigh, but today, Spurs need to act and FAST. Last time I looked they were bottom and no one seems to be emulating Derby’s disgraceful effort this year. Expect of course… Spurs.

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