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November 1, 2008

EPL Open Thread: Abigail Clancy’s Half-Wonder Woman Costume

I managed to climb out of bed this morning on the west coast after a long Halloween night to discover that most of the games are late today. Hallelujah!! (Or Halloweenja?). My wife and I went out as Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse and lived up to their reputations. Abigail Clancy, she showed up as half of Wonder Woman (the bottom half) and Eve (the top half). How lucky are we?

Anyway, lots of action today so enjoy the hangover and some footie. Feel free to play in the comment sandbox below.

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  1. Andrew

    Is anyone watching the Florida-Georgia game? If Gunners and Gators both lose today, I’ll go to bed at 7pm.

  2. Andrew


    First smile on my face today, courtesy of Mike Georger.

  3. Mike Georger

    wow, ruben had a literally brain fart it appears. thats a shame.

  4. Mike Georger

    literally = literal

    my command of the english language today has just been awe inspiring

  5. jape

    So it took the horror show @ B’ham last year for Wenger’s house of cards to crumble. This year it may just be that crash and burn at the Grove v. Sc*m. Two years ago I recall we dropped out’ve all three trophy chases in the span of 7 days or so. Man, the Gunners flame out quick. Meanwhile, Chelsea just destroy teams they are supposed to beat. Third sounds kind’ve nice right about now.

  6. Andrew

    I looked at Tim Tebow just now and for a flash forgot about losing to Stoke. The powers of that man-child are beyond this Earth.

  7. Mike Georger

    armanti edwards thinks tebow’s mother sucks satan’s cock in hell

  8. Andrew

    @jape: even our first win of the season was a squeaker against West Brom. It portended things to come.

    We need strength in the midfield. We’re gun-shy in a way United, Chelsea, Pool, even Villa, never are.

  9. phil

    The best thing about that Bramble compilation was the title of one of the video responses: “Titus Bramble: Maybe he’s just not a defender”

  10. Mike Georger

    yeah i watched that one, which shockingly was of him scoring a nice goal. best part being that his celebration was so muted, im sure he realizes no amount of goals can make fans like him. fans other than opposing teams fans of course. titus 08.

  11. Andrew

    @ Georger: I agree. Armanti Edwards is beastly. I fear my Phoenix will not do well in Boone in two weeks. Wofford put up 51 against us last week, and we saw what happened to them against App St.

  12. phil

    The most encouraging part of the win today was Gomes’ play. He has been so spotty, and he really played well today. BAE left him on an island on Kyut’s goal, and he was just outclassed on Gerrard’s rocket off the bar, but othwerwise, a very solid match for the Octopus. Hopefully this builds some confidence, even though ‘arry will probably make a run at Calamity James anyway.

  13. Andrew

    I will offer my first daughter up to Tebow and Percy Harvin.

    Or son, if, y’know, they’re into that.

  14. jape

    @andrew: Agreed. You can also have that read “We need strength in the middle of the field” All the way thru to the back of the net. I am not an Almunia hater but he has not been doing us any favors since that stand out game at Fener.

  15. The Likely Lad

    best. week. ever.

  16. Sarah

    Percy Harvin singlehandedly took my high school’s state championship away in 2004. :(


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