Unprofessional Foul


November 13, 2008


Money trouble. Drogba throws a coin into the Burnley fans last night.

Chelsea forward Didier Drogba is in hot water this morning after launching a coin into the away section of the crowd during last night’s defeat (on penalties) to Burnley. Surely he was just trying to give that nice, angry looking gentleman his money back?. He could have claimed that defence but he sealed his fate with a well executed finger salute.

The incident happened on 27 mins after Drogba had fired the blues in front. A Burnley goon lobbed a coin which Drogba picked up and threw back. He then flipped the visiting fans the bird! The Football Asociation and Police are investigating the incident which could see Drogba handed a lengthy ban as well as a hefty fine.

Drogba soon realized his faux pas and was very apologetic last night…

“The big mistake I did was to throw it back so if someone was hurt I just want to apologise. This is not something I should show and I want to apologise. It was an incident in the heat of the moment and I regret it. It was just a mistake and nothing more.”
-Didier Drogba.

Forethought is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Drogba’s stupidity capped a horrid night for Chelsea as they were dumped from the Carling Cup 5-4 on Penalties by Burnley. The game ended 1-1 after Ade Akinbiyi had levelled late on to force extra time.

After 4 years of being unbeatable at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea have now lost there in 2 of the last 3 outings. Throw in a 3-1 defeat at Roma last week and Chelsea are starting to look mortal again.

Drogba’s absence certainly won’t help them out, I should imagine a minimum ban of 5 games is headed his way.


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Unprofessional Foul


  1. Mike Georger

    i cant believe im about to side with drogba. but if someone throws s**t at you, youve got every right to throw it back into the crowd in my opinion. taunting is one thing, but once someone breaks that barrier all bets all off. doesnt matter who it hits when he throws it back, its the principle of it.

  2. Bigus Dickus

    Yes, a goon from row z throws a coin so you chuck it at a kid in row c. Makes perfect sense.

  3. The Fan's Attic

    Drogba should have kept the coin and put it towards buying more of his own jerseys.

    Although, I’d be pretty pissed if somebody threw a coin at me.

  4. Mike Georger

    they can suspend him all they want, but you cant expect someone to not react some way to getting s**t thrown at them.
    it should be noted that ron artest and stephen jackson are personal heroes of mine

  5. Bigus Dickus

    You can expect them to MG, as thugs get dealt with by the Police not footballers. Besides they get paid 100 thousand quid a week to take s**t and play football.

  6. The Fan's Attic

    i’m pretty sure their contracts don’t say they must tolerate a battery upon their persons by spectators.

  7. Bigus Dickus

    Nope, but neither does it say throw coins at the paying public because one idiot throws a coin onto the pitch. Footballers get paid a fortune to play in front of crowds, they have a responsibilty to represent their club and act as role models. It is completely unacceptable behavior whatever some runt from Burnley does. There is no excuse. And why was he celebarting in front of the away fans? Players are told not to do so for just this reason. Did David Beckham launch coins at the Man City fans when they landed around him a few years ago when he was taking a corner? No he collected them up and said thanks for the cash. Difference between an idiot like Drogba and someone like Beckham.

  8. The Fan's Attic

    That’s the difference between BD and me, I don’t think that pro athletes by their profession should be role models. They are just everyday people and to be a role model they need to earn that right. It’s not conferred upon them when they set ink to their contracts.

  9. Bigus Dickus

    I’m sure Cheslea are delighted that Drogba waved his middle finger to a bunch of kids. I am actually very interested to see a contract now. I will email an ex-footballer I know and ask what they contain. I am sure there are legal elements detailing what players can and cannot be fired for. Just like the demon of walsall. Drogba’s job is obviouslt safe but if a player like the demon..an expendible player did the same, he may be on his way.

  10. The Fan's Attic

    I’m sure they all have some sort of morals clause, but the enforceability of such is sometimes difficult.

    I’ll see if i can get my hands on a standard players contract.

  11. Mike Georger

    wont somebody please think of the children!?!?

  12. Bigus Dickus

    Georger, one fine day when a woman is kind enough to pity you and bring your spawn into this wretched World, you will change your tune. We all do!

    .Right. From a footballer…

    No, a contract doesn’t detail what are sackable offences, just that the player is expected to behave in a professioanl manner at all times -(both on and off the pitch).

    Of course, just like any contrct there are clauses that allow the club to deal with any breaches of discipline, including terminating the contract for anything that could be termed “gross misconduct”.


    So the contract says the player must behave in a professional manner on and off the pitch. And if Drogba was crap and playing for a lower league, classing this as misconduct would essentially allow you to fire him. But It’s Drogba, moot point.

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