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November 25, 2008

Champion’s League Open Thread Tuesday

It’s a rainy, boring Tuesday afternoon where I am, but hopefully you our fair reader are close to a television set and can watch this afternoon’s Champion’s League matches. Or there’s always the usual minute-by-minute blogs. Check out the fixtures and share your thoughts after the jump. (Oh, and check out our fancy new URL… but please do not bitch if things go kerflooey.)

Zenit St Petersburg v. Juventus are almost over with a nil-nil draw, the rest of the games start at 2:45 EST (suck it, Greenwich Mean!).

Group E
AaB Aalborg v Celtic
Villarreal v Man Utd (on ESPN)

Group F
Bayern Munich v Steaua Bucharest
Fiorentina v Lyon

Group G
Arsenal v Dynamo Kiev
Fenerbahce v FC Porto

Group H
BATE Borisov v Real Madrid
Zenit St Petersburg 0-0 Juventus

Yes, and as Bigus pointed out, most importantly of all, Norwich v. Crystal Palace.

Please don’t forget Exeter City v. Rotherham either.

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  1. Bigus Dickus

    Norwich are at home to Palace too. The CL isn’t the ‘be all’ of everything!!

  2. ΓΌ75

    Someone at the BBC live ticker thing points out that Arsenal are starting seven left-footed players tonight. That has to be some kind of CL record, right?

  3. Bigus Dickus

    So no explosive action in the Juve Zenit game then?

  4. The Fan's Attic

    Just in the pre-match buildup.

  5. The NY Kid

    oh, Bigus. Behave

  6. Spectator

    After that it pretty much fizzled. (Zing!!)

  7. Spectator

    Teletubby Ronaldo is playing for Man U for those of you keeping track.

  8. Bigus Dickus

    Wolves one up. Iwelumo again. 7 in 8.

  9. Bigus Dickus

    Swindon 1:0 Peterbrough.

    Thats for Auto..

  10. Bigus Dickus

    Norwich game was stopped after the lino broke his flag and had to go and get a new one.

    Bongo 1 Ips**t 0. Get in Bongo!

  11. Bigus Dickus

    Kevin Phillips! Bongo 2 Ips**t 0

    Get IN!

  12. Bigus Dickus

    Same old Norwich. 1 down.

  13. Nathaniel

    CL open thread or Colaship Open thread? You be the judge.

  14. Bigus Dickus

    Any action in the CL? Nope, In the Colaship? Plenty.

  15. Kopper

    I care more about the colaship anyways…

  16. Nathaniel

    Was for joke, bigus…

    I have just happily discovered that the hospital I work at is eligible for ESPN360. Score!

  17. Bigus Dickus

    Oh I know…Thats awesome, tell me about those 0-0′s…:)

  18. Kopper

    Canaries down 2-0. Roeder out!

  19. Bigus Dickus

    I can take no more of this inconsistent crap. AGHHHHHHHHHH!

  20. Nathaniel

    I could keep track of the number of times CR is down on the ground on his ass, sighing heavily.

  21. Spectator

    Marcos Senna is going to be subbed due to an injury, Teletubby had a very nice shot on goal saved by Villareal, but otherwise not much going on in Man U land.

  22. Bigus Dickus

    GOALLLL. Matty Patty. Like busses. None for an hr then 2 in 2 minutes.

    The lad waited a year for his first. Crackin’.

  23. Andrew

    between me not being able to get the NFL Network or access ESPN360, I’m gonna say “screw TV” and get all my sports info from the net or newspapers.

  24. Andrew

    Capdevilla makes a hard tackle on Teletubby. Got a deserved red. Still . . .

  25. Keith

    So Ridgewell and Super Kev score for the Bluenoses, eh? iiiiiiinteresting.

  26. Andrew

    12 goals in 8 games so far today. Wonderful attacking football, yeah?


  27. Andrew

    Bendtner for Gunners in the 86th. We’re through to the knockout-stages, thanks to the Danish Sulk.

  28. Sarah

    I think it was Bendtner’s magic bubblegum pink shoes that won it for us.

  29. Andrew

    Bayern looked strong today. I wouldn’t want to see them in the knockouts.

  30. Spectator

    The way that Arsenal’s season has been going, I’ll take the 1-0 shaky win to put us into the knockout stage!

    Oh, and Exeter drew but sneak back into the League Two playoff spots.

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