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November 25, 2008

Champion’s League Open Thread Tuesday

It’s a rainy, boring Tuesday afternoon where I am, but hopefully you our fair reader are close to a television set and can watch this afternoon’s Champion’s League matches. Or there’s always the usual minute-by-minute blogs. Check out the fixtures and share your thoughts after the jump. (Oh, and check out our fancy new URL… but please do not bitch if things go kerflooey.)

Zenit St Petersburg v. Juventus are almost over with a nil-nil draw, the rest of the games start at 2:45 EST (suck it, Greenwich Mean!).

Group E
AaB Aalborg v Celtic
Villarreal v Man Utd (on ESPN)

Group F
Bayern Munich v Steaua Bucharest
Fiorentina v Lyon

Group G
Arsenal v Dynamo Kiev
Fenerbahce v FC Porto

Group H
BATE Borisov v Real Madrid
Zenit St Petersburg 0-0 Juventus

Yes, and as Bigus pointed out, most importantly of all, Norwich v. Crystal Palace.

Please don’t forget Exeter City v. Rotherham either.

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