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November 30, 2008

Sunday Open Thread

Okay, so we’re already 30 minutes into the Manchester derby, but nobody has scored (yet) so we’ll just pretend we got the jump on the day before there was any action (outside of Swansea v. Cardiff). Chelsea v. Arsenal is the marquee match-up of the day. I’ll be watching it here with my sister the Tottenham fan. They’ve arranged 16 HD screen into one massive display they call the Cuatrotron. Plus it’s where both the Arsenal and Chelsea contingents in Austin have taken to watching the game. Yeah, I know, like you give a f**k about my morning.

And of couse in the three minutes it takes me to write these four sentences f**king United scores. Easy tap in for Rooney. Which as we know from his granny f**king tendencies is what he prefers.

Play along after the jump if you want to say meaningful s**t like “Adebayooooooooor!” or “F**k off Anelka.” Or if you want to tell us what you made for breakfast after dealing with crazy people.

Enjoy the games.

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  1. The NY Kid

    The second goal for Inter against Napoli was one of the most brilliant goals I’ve seen anywhere all season. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Andrew

    Here’s how my morning has begun:

    *** Me calling every sports bar and pub in East Central Florida***

    - “Hey, good morning. Do you guys get Fox Soccer?”

    ***Various pub managers, sans hesitation***: “Oh yeah, Arsenal-Chelsea at 11.”

    Me: “Yeah, you showing it?”

    Managers: “Nope. We don’t even get FSC, GolTV, or Setanta.”

    Me: “Well, how did you know Arsenal was playing at 11?”

    Managers: “You’re the tenth (fifteenth, twentieth) person to inquire about the game. Everyone else was real disappointed we’re not showing the game, too.”

    Me: F**k off.

    So, I’m already pissed and now have to READ about the Gunners losing 2-1 on the Guardian liveblog.

    Soccer in America.

  3. Andrew

    Adebayor and RVP up top; Nasri on the wing. Song somewhere on the field. Why start Djourou over Silvestre.

  4. Andrew

    Spartak London dominating early play. Bosingwa needs a nickname: The Unibrower.

  5. The NY Kid

    Gunners absolutely being outplayed. this dangerous

  6. Andrew

    Gallas misses excellent opportunity. Play a lot more balanced now. Young Gunners have settled.

  7. Andrew

    Relentless pace to the game. Up-tempo, quick passing, no time on the ball. Both teams surging back and forth.

    Justin and his tv helped me find a link.

  8. Andrew

    No sooner had I typed that last sentence then the link went kaput.

    Back to gamecast and guardian for me.

  9. JT

    Those links almost always revive at some point, Andrew.

    Also, you don’t start Silvestre because it’s like giving the other team a 12th player.

  10. Andrew

    Gallas takes Le Sulk down around the 18. FK Spartak London, Ballack bounces it off the wall.

    And now Djourou has an own goal. F**king stupid. So f**king stupid.

  11. Adam

    http://www.justin.tv/mitvcanal is working for me, if you like spanish, and bad Arsenal own goals.

  12. The NY Kid

    ah, f**k

  13. Andrew

    Adam, much thanks.

    Apparently, Gunners have given up 7 straight goals in the Prem without reply.

    Bill Simmons-esque: Your 2008 Arsenal FC!

  14. The Fan's Attic

    5 goals in the 2nd half of the pompey – blackburn match,

  15. JT

    I bet on a Pompey home win, so this last 30 minutes has been rather tough on my blood pressure

  16. Adam

    that feed died, heres one, and its in english http://www.justin.tv/mordane2

  17. Andrew

    I’m faithless at this point.

  18. The NY Kid

    RvP! The officiating in this match has been a complete s**tshow

  19. Andrew

    RVP! RVP! RVP! According to Guardian, nice touch from Denislon to RVP who slotted it home – even though he was offsides.

    Visual confirmation?

  20. The NY Kid

    Holy f**king s**t!

  21. The NY Kid

    @Andrew – RvP was clearly offsides. There was a mention that the officials may have thought the ball came off Ashley Cole first, but it clearly didn’t do that either. That goal was an absolute gift.

  22. Andrew

    Well, I’ll take the gift. ‘Tis the Christmas season, yeah?

    I’m dying to see the second goal. It sounds like RVP showed unadulterated skill in knocking it home.

  23. The Fan's Attic

    i don’t believe a deflection is of any consequence anymore in the offside rules.

  24. The NY Kid

    @TFA – that was my understanding as well, but the announcers harped on that point so much that I thought maybe I was wrong. Appears we know better than they do

  25. Andrew

    I’m watching through white-knuckled hands . . .

  26. Andrew

    It was a terrible November, aside from beating ManPoo, qualifying for CL knockout round, and going to the Bridge and subduing Spartak London. Terrible November.

  27. Andrew

    “I’m faithless at this point.”

    Um, I retract that.

  28. Mike Georger

    heres to the dropped points at anfield tomorrow!

  29. Andrew

    He was blessing the ball, Georger.

  30. Andrew

    Liverpool alone at the top? In December? Hmm . . . sounds dodgy. I’ll take the dropped points.

  31. ΓΌ75

    Just when I was about to start jumping ahead on the DVR, RvP scores. Before I could even settle into the idea of stealing a point, he scores again. Sweet.

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