Unprofessional Foul


November 30, 2008

Sunday Open Thread

Okay, so we’re already 30 minutes into the Manchester derby, but nobody has scored (yet) so we’ll just pretend we got the jump on the day before there was any action (outside of Swansea v. Cardiff). Chelsea v. Arsenal is the marquee match-up of the day. I’ll be watching it here with my sister the Tottenham fan. They’ve arranged 16 HD screen into one massive display they call the Cuatrotron. Plus it’s where both the Arsenal and Chelsea contingents in Austin have taken to watching the game. Yeah, I know, like you give a f**k about my morning.

And of couse in the three minutes it takes me to write these four sentences f**king United scores. Easy tap in for Rooney. Which as we know from his granny f**king tendencies is what he prefers.

Play along after the jump if you want to say meaningful s**t like “Adebayooooooooor!” or “F**k off Anelka.” Or if you want to tell us what you made for breakfast after dealing with crazy people.

Enjoy the games.

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