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December 12, 2008

UF Quick Throw: Least. Surprising. MLS. Move. Ever.

DDR to Toronto.


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Precious Roy


  1. Lingering Bursitis

    I always thought he’d end up in a boat bound for the Danish Tippelaegen

  2. Mike Georger

    In related news, LA Galaxy executives have offered me 50 million for my DDR pad and collection of DDR games. My representatives are trying to push it to 55 with a ten percent kickback on the next sale.

  3. Andrew

    good . . . good

  4. The NY Kid

    West Germany is moving to Toronto? That’s gonna make a mess of WC 2010 for sure.

  5. ΓΌ75

    @The NY Kid-
    East Germany, actually.

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