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December 25, 2008

It’s Boxing Day soon…

Well folks, the holidays are almost over, and some of you are back to work tomorrow. If you’re not back in the office, you’re stuck with the family and in-laws for another 24 hours, and I’m honestly not sure which scenario is worse.

For me, my lady has to work and my in-laws do too, so that translates to a free, unfettered morning/afternoon of EPL. Which also means a free, unfettered morning/afternoon of liveblogging.

So join us in the morning, whether you’re chained to your desk or being swarmed by screaming, sugar-filled children. Especially for that Aston Villa/Arsenal at lunchtime.

See you all then. Hope Santa brought you the gifts that keep on giving.

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  1. Mike Georger

    I’m stuck driving to South Carolina from ten to noon tomorrow, smack dab in the middle of the Pool game. Is there anyone out there in UF land kind enough to shoot me text message score updates?
    Pathetic? You betcha. But being pathetic is what the holidays are all about.

  2. jjf3

    The Weekly WAGS:

    Last week I started a respectable 4-1 on results, to then watch 4 straight games go wrong and end 4-5 with 0 exact scores (I’m sensing a running theme here…). This also makes it three straight times where an obvious 1-1 tie predicted by nearly everyone did indeed end 1-1, and I had picked 2-1. Maybe I’ll finally learn from that this time around…

    Stoke 0-3 ManU
    Spartak London 1-0 Baggies (ugly game)
    Spurs 2-1 Fulham
    Pompey 1-1 Hammers (Adams is really in trouble)
    Liverpool 2-1 SFB (they keep their recent play up, and I may have to end the “SF”)
    Citeh 2-3 Hull (this should be a barn-burner, ergo: 0-0 might happen, and Adios Sparky)
    Boro 1-1 Everton (I can’t read either team at all – solution, pick a tie)
    Sunderland 2-1 Rovers (only so much BFS can do vs Ricky-mania)
    Wigan 1-2 Joe F**kin’ Newcastle
    Aston Villa 3-1 Arsenal

    All results guaranteed to be wrong, or your money back…

  3. Adam

    Hey I went 4-5 too last week, with no scores right. Lets see how much worse I can do.
    Stoke 0-3 United(this ones going to be a tough close game, or united is gonna run all over them.)
    Spartak 1-0 WBA
    Pompey 0-2 West Ham(Hammers played lights out last week, they want their revenge, and they’re taking it out on the team that’ll all be sold in a week)
    Sp*rs 1-2 Fulham
    Liverpool 3-1 SFB
    Citeh 2-2 Hull(An under performing squad vs the overacheivers who have hit the wall)
    Boro 0-1 Everton
    Sunderland 2-3 Blackburn(Rovers still on the new temp manager high?)
    Wigan 1-2 Newcastle
    Villa 0-1 Arsenal(Its not gonna go that way, but I just can’t pick against them)

    Georger, I’d be willing to text you updates, but I’ll be driving to work/at work during the game, so I’d be a last resort as the updates may be a little more infrequent, better than nothing though. I’m all about pathetic.

  4. jjf3


    Consider me an absolute worst-case scenario source – Any ‘Pool fans at UF, PLEASE stand up and do this tomorrow morning. I’m not a fan, I won’t be watching full-time, and I’ll probably miss the last 5 minutes while heading up to the bar for Villa-Arse, so I am a horrible source. But if no one volunteers in the morning, email me at joe *dot* ficarra *at* gmail *dot* com with your text #, and I’ll keep you as up-to-date as I can…


  5. Mike Georger

    I’ll just leave it out there

    Bold move putting the phone number out there? You know it. (I have gotta stop watching ‘the kid stays in the picture)

  6. jjf3

    It’s late at night, so maybe this isn’t as smart as it sounds right now, but I vote for Newcastle being referenced to as “Joe F**kin’ Newcastle” for the short term, (much like SFB or Spartak London), at least until they are sold and/or Kinnear leaves. Or “Joe F**kin’ Newcastle” on the “lead” pages, if you’re worried about the kiddies…

    just a thought.

  7. jjf3


    In retrospect, I had forgotten what WHU did at Stamford Bridge, and I think you’re right about them just flat beating Portsmouth. I’d go with 1-2 as more likely, but I think you’re right that they will win…Pompey is in free-fall right now, and I don’t see Adams getting it figured out, so I think you’re more likely to be right. Then again, I’ve repeatedly proven I know NOTHING! Good luck…

  8. jjf3

    and I hope you’re right about BFS, but I can’t see the Black Cats losing at home under their own “manager bounce”…wish I could…

  9. Lingering Bursitis

    Georger: I’ll try my best

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