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January 12, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Fernando begins his own mind games

Mr. Torres has decided to weigh in amid the Rafa v. Fergie fight, calling Manchester United the favourites for the EPL title. It’s January 12, and LFC have taken the “underdog” moniker. Will this even be a fight by the time the two sides meet on March 14?

[BBC Sport]

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  1. The Likely Lad

    if we're going to speculate about future fixtures, how bout spurs-liverpool, last day of the year. Is it more likely that a) totts will be playing to stay in the prem, b)the pudlians will be fighting for the top spot, or c) a & b or d) spurs in mid table, reds safe in 3rd…

  2. phil

    I think a.) and half of c.)

  3. The Fan's Attic

    My hopes say (b) only and Spurs have nothing to play for. Realistically, Reds safely in 2nd and Spurs still in the relegation battle…so (a).

  4. The Likely Lad

    yea, i started to get worried late yesterday when no one was even taking the time to mock our hoooorrendous performance. it was biblical. as was the team choice– like you noted– just shocking. thats the lineup you have for the second leg at burnley, holding down a 3 goal advantage. just terrible.

  5. phil

    It’s been a baffling season, TLL. But realistically, until they get a real CDM, and someone, anyone, who can provide our forwards with some semblance of service (did you see what Ferdinand said after the match?), we’re as good as relegated. Watching Jenas and Dawson just flatly refuse to mark a man on that set piece was just painful.

  6. The Likely Lad

    i believe jenas came on in the wounded dawson’s stead. but point taken, if they were both out there it wouldnt have made a difference. it’s the curse of carrick and goes on and on. the flow hasnt been the same since he left. even last two years with berbs and keane, the goals came cos of the sheer talent up front, not from a controlled build up– full backs making runs, smart passing from the central mid. and yet, we’ll buy more wingers before the months out. it’s infuriating.

  7. phil

    Yeah, Jenas was on for Dawson. I guess I wrote Dawson from sheer force of habit.

    Never been the same since Carrick and Davids left.

    Jenas has been stripped of the vice captaincy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/leagues/premierleague/tottenham/4221269/Tottenham-manager-Harry-Redknapps-row-with-Jermaine-Jenas.html

    Can a move be far off?

    Modric plays well at CM, but he’s got no cover, and, truth to be told, Pavs and Bent don’t make runs, like Berbatov and Keane did, to get in the right spot. Maybe if the Appiah rumors are true, you get some cover at the mid, and perhaps Defoe can spark some creativity up front. Really need a CDM, a CB, and some to hold up the ball (Heskey?) in this window.

  8. Precious Roy

    Tottenham are three points from 11th.

  9. phil

    At our current rate, it may take 3-4 weeks to earn 3 points.

  10. bfriel0120

    As much as I’d like to see b) happen, I’m thinking that the Liverpool half of d) is far more likely. (Spurs look like they’re going to have a real fight on their hands to stay up.)

    Torres is right. 5 points back, 2 games in hand, and no road matches against the top 6 left, all have ManU in a great spot. I don’t see where they drop any more than 2-4 points in their remaining fixtures.

    And honestly, any team that fails to score in 180+ minutes against Stoke City doesn’t deserve to win the Prem.

  11. JT

    bfriel: Man U will drop no more than 2-4 points for the rest of the season? They’ll drop 3 when Rafa comes to visit.

  12. bfriel0120

    JT: Here’s hoping that you’re right. But the events of this past weekend don’t exactly leave me feeling as confident as you seem to be.

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