Unprofessional Foul


January 22, 2009

Geordie Fight Club.

What happens when two footballers who don’t like each other want to settle their differences? Well if you are Charles N’Zogbia and Andy Carroll, you find a location far away from the training ground and beat the living s**t out of each other.

According to the Sun newspaper the two have been unable to settle the matter that saw them fight during a reserve game at Carlisle. They fought on the pitch, in the dressing room AND in the car park. Now apparently, the two will seek to meet at a secret location to participate in a bout of underground fisty cuffs. Maybe they can get Joey Barton to film it?

The Sun’s secret source claims…

“This one is getting out of hand. Neither Andy nor Charles will back down. For the club to say it was handbags and a run-of-the-mill argument is nonsense.They are still at it with each other and want to sort it out properly without any of the other players being able to pull them apart.”

So what on earth can they be feuding about? Leave suggestions in the comments below.


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  1. Mike Georger

    Should I have heard of Carroll

  2. Bigus Dickus

    No. He is a youngster on the fringes of the first team and scored last week. He is rated up there.

  3. The NY Kid

    I’m assuming they both wore the same dress to the WAG ball.

  4. Ibracadabra

    N’Zogbia pissed that Carroll (pasty white) is sporting dreadlocks without proper respect for history of dreadlocks. Carroll also showed no respect for Obama on Inauguration Day.

  5. ü75

    Oh, that was Carroll with the cornrows? He’s not very pretty then.

  6. hockalees

    The forst rule of fight club is tha Alan Shearer is god.

  7. Kopper

    Sounds like Carroll needs some time away… maybe at Norwich…

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