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February 4, 2009

FA Cup Fourth Round Replay Open Thread

Now that Engerland has managed to dig itself out of that blizzard, there’s a few FA Cup Fourth Round replays on tap for today…

2:45 EST Nottingham Forest v. Derby County
2:45 EST Aston Villa v. Doncaster
3:00 EST Blackburn Rovers v. Sunderland
3:10 EST Everton v. Liverpool

I think this makes for the ninth Merseyside derby in two weeks. Have your say you know where!

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  1. Spectator

    Forest scored after only 62 seconds. Poor, inept Derby.

  2. Spectator

    And Guzan is starting for Villa. USA! USA! USA!

  3. JT

    Lucas and Dossena start for LFC. I am crying at this news.

  4. Keith

    Villa’s team also includes the Togolese Zidane, Webby, Carew, and Sidwell, the last two of whom just scored in a 4-minute span. You’re on notice, Scouse of all colors!

  5. The NY Kid

    Fellaini’s afro is totally out of control

  6. JT

    Keith: you’re playing Doncaster. Calm down.

  7. JT

    Although far be it from me to stop you engaging in rampant Villatio

  8. Keith

    The same Mighty Doncaster that held the Villa first team (minus Ashley) to a nil-nil the first time out, thankyouverymuch.

    I’m just geeked to see Salifou starting, plus Bigus’s form capsule put me in a much better mood about Villa’s form/chances of holding that form.

  9. The NY Kid

    benayoun on for Stevie G. at 15 minutes. that’s not good

  10. The NY Kid

    surprisingly, this match is getting chippy and Cahill is prominently involved

  11. JT

    I hate Tim Cahill more than I ever thought possible. He really needs to be erased from the face of this earth and his existence removed from our memories.

  12. The NY Kid

    He is definitely very high on my cock-punch list.

  13. JT

    And then just gets a yellow for his premeditated yellow on Carragher. What a f**king animal. C’mon Yossi, snap his fibia like a twig

  14. The NY Kid

    that was an egregious dive by Baines, but I can’t blame the ref for believing that Lucas committed a foul

  15. Magnakai Haaskivi

    Lucas probably thinks he committed the foul, too.

  16. JT

    Donny pull one back right before half-time

  17. Magnakai Haaskivi

    I’m late to the party; what happened to Gerrard?

  18. JT

    looks like a tweaked hamstring

  19. phil

    Tim Cahill is a right c*nt.

  20. The NY Kid

    He is indeed a C U Next Tuesday

  21. Magnakai Haaskivi

    Like, was it a 2-4 week tweak, or more of a “F**k this, I just played Sunday!” tweak?

  22. The NY Kid

    more like a “I’m getting out of Cahill’s way” tweak. Let Yossi deal with him

  23. Keith

    THAT’s the Villa I know and love- way to make a walkover into an actual match. Jerks.

  24. JT

    Finally, some cards! Pienaar stamps Lucas AGAIN, and gets a yellow and then gets hurt.


  25. phil

    Pineaar and Cahill are reaching Terry-AFC levels of douchbaggery today. What a pair of t**ts.

  26. Spectator

    Nice fightback by Derby…. 2-2.

  27. Groovethefish

    since I am too unemployeed to purchase the Sentana extra on my cable package, any word on Gerrard’s injury.

    @JT, I agree. Just put out the lineup that played Chelsea and let it ride for f**ks sake

  28. Spectator

    From yahoo.co.uk…. “Stevie-G injury update: hamstring tweak. Technical. A couple of weeks at most.”

  29. Spectator

    And Derby just took the lead…. Good for them after going down two goals at 14 minutes.

  30. Keith

    And Delfouneso nods my worries away. 3-1; Scouse of a color to yet be determined to follow.

  31. Mike Georger

    I come home to a Gerrard injury. Great. F**king great.

  32. Mike Georger

    “Gerrard injury rocks Liverpool”

    Soccernet is just seeping with joy at that. F**kers.

  33. ü75

    Ha ha. Lucas.

  34. Mike Georger


  35. Spectator

    Mahahaha Lucas, he lives on the second floor.

  36. Mike Georger

    Lucas has a great future ahead of him. In Italy. He is way way way too slow for England. Still should be able to turn a profit on him.

  37. Mike Georger

    Seven Nation Army is so cliche

  38. Mike Georger

    Who the f**k is announcing this game? Torres is poor in his technical ability, quality, and character? Eat my dick.

  39. Mike Georger

    Xabi is so sexy with his beard. He looks like he’s been up for three days trying to solve a murder.

  40. Mike Georger

    Attn Everton

    Your song sucks.

    This guy

  41. ü75

    20 minutes left for Torres to get a season-ending injury. Just feels like that kind of game.

  42. ü75

    Never mind. I guess Babel will have to get hurt.

  43. Mike Georger

    Torres plays about 200 minutes in four days. Yeah Rafa your rotation policy keeps players fresh when they’re fresh back from injuries. Cocksucker.

  44. Spectator

    Benni McCarthy just scored for Blackburn in the 118th minute. Poor, inept Sunderland.

  45. Mike Georger

    Horrible defending again, and a bad pass from Skrtel caused it all.

    Three successive draws then a loss against Everton. GTFO.

  46. Precious Roy

    Anyone else get a Tic-Tac commercial when the winner was being scored on their stream?

  47. Mike Georger

    So whatever confidence there was from Torres saving their ass Sunday is gone. Gerrard is out for who knows how long, I would guess at least for City and Madrid. Awesome.

    But hey, at least Kuyt got another 120 minutes of playing time.

    This season f**king sucks, thank god I can’t get reliable streams for league games anymore.

  48. Precious Roy

    So, who would you least like to be right now? L’pool, Spartak London, or Fifthsenal?

  49. Mike Georger

    Well I know who I’d MOST like to be, Chelsea. They have the most talent, and to me you’re more likely to pull your head out of your ass when you aren’t relying on Kuyt and Ebooehhh.

    Three straight years with no trophies but a Community Shield. He’s learning!

  50. Autoglass

    Yes, it’s true. ITV had gone to a commercial and Everton scored during said commercial break. All of Britain missed the goal. Hilarious. To all my Scouser brethren, I will only say this…I’m glad your out of the FA Cup. You have a very, very good squad this year and you’ve gotten the better of my Blues. Ta!

  51. Precious Roy

    Fortunately for the Gooners, only their s**tty players are now being hurt. Or at least Eboue went out over the weekend with a tweak. Not sure how serious it turned out to be.

  52. Mike Georger

    So apparently Rafa was offered Bentley for Keane and turned it down for 12 million pounds that they did not spend.

    In f**king excusable. What the f**k is going on with this club?

    I look forward to them signing another crop of ‘promising’ youngsters which can’t even make the f**king bench for an FA Cup game. Lucas’ suspension will carry over to the league right? Please please please let me be right.

  53. Mike Georger

    I don’t swear nearly enough.

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