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February 4, 2009

Thursday backpasses: Lovely lass

Someone took the time to rate the top 50 January 2009 EPL transfers. Go look [Daily Soccer Blog]
Is AVRAM! primed to make a return to the EPL? [Never Captain Nicky Butt]
Pixels for Podolski. We’re considering putting our logo on there [The Spoiler]

Arshavin designs womens clothes. Did it to meet women [Daily Mail]
Lamps gets smug over rescinded red card [BBC]
SWP gets charged by FA over video evidence. You know, this never would have happened if he had stayed at Chelsea [Sky Sports]
Bayern has Landycakes on their CL roster. They’ll still lose [Goal]

John Terry likes to dress up, go out on the town. Sometimes, he does it as a man, too [The Spoiler]

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  1. Ibracadabra

    re: Top 50 transfer list.

    The gypsy Quaresma at No. 3? Really? Above Given, Arshavin, and Bullard? Really?

    Chelsea fans feel free to brainwash me, but I refuse to believe that this Top 50 list was not written by a Chelsea supporter. Will the gypsy really be a major influence at Stamford Bridge?

    Great list though. Really in-depth and a great post in general. K Nolan at 27 is perhaps a bit of a “snub,” but quality all around.

  2. Sarah

    I saw that John Terry thing yesterday, how funny is that?

  3. phil

    The FA is a joke. This “did the ref see it or not” business is enough bulls**t to fertilize the Sinai. If SWP can be penalized, then so can Bosingwa.

    On the Terry matter:

    Are you Lucy in disguise?
    We can see it in your eyes.
    C’mon Terry, no more lies,
    Are you Lucy in disguise?

  4. phil

    Also, Avram Grant = Herbert Lom

  5. Precious Roy

    Must… kill… Clouseau…

    And isn’t being a world class footballer sufficient for meeting women?

  6. Andrew

    @PR: he’s 5’6 and tempermental, according to the both of us. Is that what women want? Or does the money obscure those two, um, qualities?

    Sarah, could you enlighten us?

  7. Sarah

    Yeah, I think the money pretty much obscures everything.

    But we also really like it when guys say that we should all have our driving licenses revoked.

  8. Andrew

    @Sarah: mmm, touche.

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