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March 1, 2009

Bangers and Mash With UF: Weekend Open Thread

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for most of UF, Autoglass excepted of course. Arsenal failed to score again and Liverpool is playing like Arsenal of last year. Lead the league until January and then fall apart. Every day Manchester United get a tighter grip on the title without doing a damn thing.

However, despite losses of personal wealth of anywhere from $14B to $31B, Roman Abramovich must be smiling today. On a last gasp Frank Lampard goal, the Blues vaulted to second in the table on goal differential. The change in managers seems to be working–for now. Plus, Roman’s girlfriend, Dasha Zhukova (pictured above), was named editor of a fashion magazine. Wonder if she will use this picture for the cover, Roman bought it for her for 17M pounds.

Maybe Sunday will be better. Maybe not. But, at least there’s footie on and there’s Silverware on the line at Wembley as Spurs take on Manchester United for the Carling Cup. Bigus and LB are there for the game – I am guessing there hasn’t been too much time where a cup filled with beer hasn’t been attached to their hands.

Also, help us name this weekend open thread feature for UF.

Here’s an update from Wembley.

It’s still scoreless and the Norwichomon crew are still drunk. Here’s a grainy picture proving they are actually there.

And here’s what they are all wearing today:

That’s the Norwichomon credo and pastime.

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