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March 1, 2009

Bangers and Mash With UF: Weekend Open Thread

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for most of UF, Autoglass excepted of course. Arsenal failed to score again and Liverpool is playing like Arsenal of last year. Lead the league until January and then fall apart. Every day Manchester United get a tighter grip on the title without doing a damn thing.

However, despite losses of personal wealth of anywhere from $14B to $31B, Roman Abramovich must be smiling today. On a last gasp Frank Lampard goal, the Blues vaulted to second in the table on goal differential. The change in managers seems to be working–for now. Plus, Roman’s girlfriend, Dasha Zhukova (pictured above), was named editor of a fashion magazine. Wonder if she will use this picture for the cover, Roman bought it for her for 17M pounds.

Maybe Sunday will be better. Maybe not. But, at least there’s footie on and there’s Silverware on the line at Wembley as Spurs take on Manchester United for the Carling Cup. Bigus and LB are there for the game – I am guessing there hasn’t been too much time where a cup filled with beer hasn’t been attached to their hands.

Also, help us name this weekend open thread feature for UF.

Here’s an update from Wembley.

It’s still scoreless and the Norwichomon crew are still drunk. Here’s a grainy picture proving they are actually there.

And here’s what they are all wearing today:

That’s the Norwichomon credo and pastime.

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  1. Precious Roy

    I still feel pretty much the same way I did yesterday, which is “SOMEBODY F**KING SCORE.”

  2. Spectator

    Exeter city are up to fifth place in league two, meaning there’s a chance we’ll be playing against norwich next season. That’s all the positive news I’ve got.

  3. Precious Roy

    Anybody got a stream for the CC?

  4. jjf3

    Hey, Rovers won, and are no longer in the drop zone!

    /only one who cares

  5. Precious Roy

    I would have cared if Santa Cruz had scored. Oh, and if I hadn’t also picked up (Pedersen—hey, he’s playing three times! Oh, wait not anymore).

    F**k. My fantasy team is having a similar season to my reality team.

  6. Precious Roy

    Pedersen should have been outside the parenthesis. Geez, I’m so crushed I can’t even type.

    And not that I actively wish an injury on anyone, but if Spurs wanted to play really physical and a couple of United players happen to tear ligaments, I would be okay with that.

  7. jjf3

    Spurs gameplan appears to be:
    1) allow ManU unlimited possession in their half
    2) ?
    3) Profit!

    And, as I type, they get their first chance to score instead…

  8. jjf3

    I know this is wrong, but I wouldn’t really feel bad if CR7 was writhing on the turf in actual pain, just once…

  9. Mike Georger

    ‘Ronaldo goes down in the penalty area and is shown a yellow card for diving as Ledley King challenges him. A bit harsh perhaps and the award of a penalty would have been no shock to be honest.’

    Soccernet, unbiased as always. That was a dive, stop crying you little queen.

  10. Mike Georger

    That was their chance, Spurs are done.

  11. Mike Georger

    Horses**t call. Here it comes…

  12. jjf3

    off the post!!! holy crap

  13. Mike Georger

    Gomes had it covered anyways.
    What a choke by Villa!

  14. Sarah

    I’m trying to watch this but am really struggling to muster up any sort of interest. It’s one of those “I wish all the players on the pitch would get struck by lightning so no one wins” sort of games.

    Maybe I’ll go reorganize my closet and wait for Barca – Atletico.

  15. jjf3

    uh-oh. ‘Arry brings in the kiss of death…

  16. Spectator

    Stoke!! Maybe I jinxed Villa with the MON post yesterday?

  17. jjf3

    Also, love the Norwichomon choice of shirts today…

  18. john

    villa are going to lose the fourth spot. they have to travel to anfield and old trafford. everton at villa park is going to be a great rematch.

  19. Mike Georger

    Arsenal end the season with United and Chelsea as two of their last three, don’t count your chickens yet.

  20. john

    i’m saying everton are gonna sneak in there.

  21. Mike Georger

    Ah, bold prediction. Arsenal’s scheduling the last month certainly helps that.

  22. Sarah

    Although if you think about it, United and Chelsea are two of the teams Arsenal have actually managed to beat this season. So you never know.

    /overly optimistic

  23. Mike Georger

    Ugh this is a foregone conclusion.

  24. Mike Georger

    Game over.
    F**king Spurs are useless. Now I’ll have to suffer through a goddamn quadruple.

  25. Mike Georger

    Sickening. Absolutely meaningless tournament that only means something when these c**ts win it.

  26. john

    at least it will make it sweeter when united crash out of fa cup or champions league when they think they are going to win every trophy.

  27. Precious Roy

    No, Georger… it might be the quintuple and we will never hear the end of it the rest of our f**king lives.

  28. Mike Georger

    Club World Cup doesn’t count if the Supercup doesn’t count.

  29. Precious Roy

    By the way… O’Shea should have been out of that game on two yellows and I swear the ref didn’t give it only because he was in a red shirt.

    I hope ‘Arry bitches to high hell. He’s lost, it was bulls**t, so I give him carte blanche to take the low road on that.

  30. Mike Georger

    You could tell it should have been his second yellow because O’Shea certainly reacted like it was after the challenge.

  31. Precious Roy

    Totally. But nope, it’s United. And they are 60% of the way to the quintuple.


  32. Mike Georger

    Actually they’re closing in on the Sextuple, lest we forget their storied triumph in the Community Shield!

  33. Precious Roy

    I hate football.

    But I’m also a masochist. So, I’m totally going to watch Barca and Atlético.

  34. Precious Roy

    Four minutes in and already more action than the Carling Cup final.

    Te amo, Espanña.

  35. Precious Roy

    I think Ray Hudson just had a spontaneous orgasm on live TV.

  36. Precious Roy

    Holy… La Liga really does put the EPL to shame for entertainment value this season.

  37. Sarah

    It sure does. I’m more invested in EPL results, but with the way this season has gone I think I would have gone crazy if I didn’t have La Liga to watch for pure entertainment. I don’t care as much who wins, so I can just enjoy the football.

    Valencia lost because of another Albiol own goal. Apparently there’s a rumor that Arsenal want to sign him…

  38. Mike Georger

    As far as an exciting finish goes, Germany can’t be beat this year. Who would have guessed that Voronin would be leading a team to a title?

  39. jjf3

    Inter-Roma has turned into a goal-fest. 3-3 with 10 minutes left

  40. jjf3

    Lyon’s Benzema just got stretchered off, but I missed seeing why, so I’m not sure how bad it is…

  41. jjf3

    as for the lead photo, “mind the gap”…

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