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March 3, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: Zuszczak attack

One of many postings featuring “MLS sources” saying who the expansion clubs will be. Considering the last I saw (yesterday) said Miami and Montreal, take it with a grain of salt [The 24th Minute]
Did no one check a calendar? Wembley double-booked for CL final and League Two playoffs in 2011 [Mirror]
Man U fan recreated Wembley for CC final. Couldn’t he at least wait for a FA Cup final? [EPL Talk]

Ex-Galatasaray and Leverkusen manager was shaken down for sexy photos from his stolen cell phone [Dirty Tackle]
More shirty typos [Guardian]
South Africa to institute voluntary lie detector tests for referees [Independent Online]
French ref, dropped by Ligue 1 for incompetence, to officiate Netherlands-Scotland [ScotZine]

Which EPL club has the brightest future with its youth? [Daily Mail]

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  1. jjf3

    Kinnear makes some needed moves…Barret is too slow, and Waibel is too old and too slow (nothing personal to any of them)…

    This is now a major transition year for the Dynamo, and Kinnear seems to understand that…now we’re 3-5-2 with Ashe on the left wing, but James is shaky right as LFB now (to be expected…)

  2. ΓΌ75

    What’s with the blue sleeve? Is this a permanent change? I don’t like it.

  3. jjf3

    Houston has followed the Netherlands when it comes to large-scale operations kit-wise, but I’ve never known who’s got final say – sometimes, it looks like Adidas, other-times like some savant…

  4. jjf3

    and, yes, that’s as nicely as I can put it…

  5. jjf3

    what a f**king waste of a season…

    this was a team waiting to be beaten, and we f’d it up, even for a “supposed preseason”.

    Have I mentioned that they have wingers we should paying for?

    UGH. I’m heading to bed…

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