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March 14, 2009

Weekend Preview and Saturday Open Thread

That’s the Liverpool-Manchester Railway, natch!

Oh, if only Liverpool were still in the title race this weekend might really mean something. And to think it was back in September that Liverpool improbably beat Man U 2-1 and seemed well on their way. Now look how things have changed, Man U is 40 points clear. So, we instead get the Liverpool-Manchester United rivalry game, pride and history and all that, which of course is no small shakes right there.

After the jump check out all the weekend action, and but of course leave your comments galore.

Man U versus Liverpool isn’t the only big game in the English Premier League (suck it Barclays!) this weekend. On Sunday there are a couple good ones as well.

EPL: (all times EDT)

8:45 Manchester United v Liverpool
11:00 Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers
11:00 Bolton Wanderers v Fulham
11:00 Hull City v Newcastle United
11:00 Everton v Stoke City (on FSC)
11:00 Middlesbrough v Portsmouth
11:00 Sunderland v Wigan Athletic

On Sunday:
9:00 Chelsea v Manchester City
12:00 Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur (on FSC)

And now I hand off this post to the very able The Fan’s Attic, who will tell you about the action on the Continent…

La Liga

15:00 SS Minnow Valencia v. Recreativo Huelva
17:00 Atletico Bilbao v. Real Madrid

12:00 Sevilla v. Malaga
14:00 Atletico Madrid v. Villareal
16:00 Almeria v. Barcelona


10:30 Vfl Bochum v. Bayern Munich
10:30 Eintracht Frankfurt v. The Hoff
10:30 Hertha Berlin v. Bayer Leverkusen

Serie A

15:30 Juventus v. Bologna

10:00 Siena v. AC Milan
10:00 Sampdoria v. Roma
15:30 Inter v. Fiorentina

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  1. Precious Roy

    An Eboue brace almost makes me forget that I want to impale Bendtner on a chopstick.

  2. phil

    Gah. Calamity James strikes again to allow ‘Boro to steal a point. England’s number one. My ass.

  3. phil

    I firmly believe that players like him, no matter how hard they train, will not improve to the point that their output matches their “potential.”

    I believe this is known as “pulling a Jenas.”

  4. Precious Roy

    Kvein, I kind of agree. But two seasons ago, Adebayor was basically Bendtner. He must have hit the post 30 times that season, then the next (last year) he has, what, 30 goals.

    Bendtner’s got decent instincts and I’m holding out hope that he can make that last leap in quality to finish more often.

    But I’m only about 20% confident he will, so I’d probably be better off impaling him on a chopstick.

  5. Sarah

    This has been a very satisfying day of footie so far.

    Since we won and Bendtner’s epic failures haven’t caused us lasting damage today, I’m just sort of feeling sorry for him at the moment. I agree he has a major confidence problem, and it every time he misses the fans get more and more on his case, which makes the whole situation worse.

    On a different note, Eboue’s dancing goal celebrations are kind of amazing.

  6. Andrew

    @Sarah: I will soon appropriate Eboue’s shimmy for my own purposes. Because awesome.

    I did miss this little exchange between the commentators following the Arshavin goal:

    “There’s Bendtner saying ‘Why didn’t you pass it to me?’ Because you would’ve missed it, Nicklas.” (Both chuckle)

    This is how Bendtner is perceived.

  7. ü75

    After fighting with my computer for three hours, it’s finally decided to be able to access the net.

    Yes, Facebook Power Poll voting will open tomorrow.

  8. ü75

    Well, the two highest scoring teams in the Prem this week make most of UF very, very happy. Now to check Aberdeen.

  9. ü75

    Yes! Screw you, Accies. Plus a Dundee United loss. Very nice.

    An update on the cards in the Hibs win over Hearts. Hearts player sent off 45+2′, Hibs had one sent off 45+5′. Then there was another yellow at 45+6′. When was the last time anyone saw +6′ (or more) in the first half?

  10. ü75

    Clutch by Norwich today, too. Up to 20th, safe by 2 points.

  11. Andrew

    u75: isn’t a 45+6 in the first half the kinda stuff that makes the SPL a second-tier league? Or is it just the play?

  12. ü75

    And finally, Epic FAIL in the Scottish Third Division where top place Cowdenbeath lose away to newcomers Annan Athletic. Second placed East Stirling could not make up ground, though, because they lost 4-0 at home to Berwick. Third and fourth place teams lost as well. Ugly stuff.

  13. ü75

    Well, I assume they can tell time there (they had clocks at least 20 years ago), so it must be the play. And the fact that every league decision is made for what helps Rangers and Celtic.

    Old Firm derby tomorrow, people. Hopefully, it will be one of the scoring ones. Unlike the one they pulled out last time around.

  14. ü75

    Crapola. Tomorrow is League Cup final. Not league.

  15. Andrew

    @u75: I put MLS and SPL on par with each other; Columbus could step into the league and not miss a beat.

    Whatever came of that Atlantic Premier League idea that was kicked around earlier this decade? The best teams from Scotland, Eredivisie, and some other league joining ranks? Anyone else remember that?

  16. ü75

    Not gonna happen. Unless, at some point, EU says that all leagues have to be European and open to everybody or somesuch.

    Also fun today–Michaeal Bradley with 2 for munchengroobers or whatever.

  17. Spectator

    What a day…. Man U destroyed, Vidic exposed as a giant clod, title race maybe back on, Arsenal in the top 4 and looking great, Norwich out of the relegation zone and Exeter up to fifth in League Two. Get in!!

  18. Andrew

    @Spec: Indeed. A very satisfying day of footie.

  19. machine gooner funk

    you’ve only come to see eboue!!!!!

  20. Sarah

    Recreativo up one nil against Valencia. Surprisingly not from an Albiol own goal, but still not too good. I will be very sad if they end up having to sell David Villa to Man City.

  21. Andrew

    @MGF: That could be my new favorite song; its witty and acerbic, like Man City when they used to sing “Just like Brazil, we play just like Brazil . . .”

  22. Andrew

    And by “Man City” I obviously meant “Barnsley.” Shit.

  23. Lingering Bursitis

    Sorry to those at the Kinsale that I ejaculated on after the second, third and fourth goals.

    Not sorry if you were in a United shirt. You deserve it, scum.

  24. Sarah

    Hah! Gabriel Heinze scored a goal for Real Madrid and then about a minute later made up for it by putting the ball in the opposite net.

  25. Teeknuts

    Of course I would be at my brother’s house helping him re-do his bathroom the day Liverpool win 4-1 at Old Trafford. F**k Me.


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