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March 14, 2009

Weekend Preview and Saturday Open Thread

That’s the Liverpool-Manchester Railway, natch!

Oh, if only Liverpool were still in the title race this weekend might really mean something. And to think it was back in September that Liverpool improbably beat Man U 2-1 and seemed well on their way. Now look how things have changed, Man U is 40 points clear. So, we instead get the Liverpool-Manchester United rivalry game, pride and history and all that, which of course is no small shakes right there.

After the jump check out all the weekend action, and but of course leave your comments galore.

Man U versus Liverpool isn’t the only big game in the English Premier League (suck it Barclays!) this weekend. On Sunday there are a couple good ones as well.

EPL: (all times EDT)

8:45 Manchester United v Liverpool
11:00 Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers
11:00 Bolton Wanderers v Fulham
11:00 Hull City v Newcastle United
11:00 Everton v Stoke City (on FSC)
11:00 Middlesbrough v Portsmouth
11:00 Sunderland v Wigan Athletic

On Sunday:
9:00 Chelsea v Manchester City
12:00 Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur (on FSC)

And now I hand off this post to the very able The Fan’s Attic, who will tell you about the action on the Continent…

La Liga

15:00 SS Minnow Valencia v. Recreativo Huelva
17:00 Atletico Bilbao v. Real Madrid

12:00 Sevilla v. Malaga
14:00 Atletico Madrid v. Villareal
16:00 Almeria v. Barcelona


10:30 Vfl Bochum v. Bayern Munich
10:30 Eintracht Frankfurt v. The Hoff
10:30 Hertha Berlin v. Bayer Leverkusen

Serie A

15:30 Juventus v. Bologna

10:00 Siena v. AC Milan
10:00 Sampdoria v. Roma
15:30 Inter v. Fiorentina

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