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April 5, 2009

Man U v. Villa Open Thread

Man U’s injury ward

It’s a good one today, and not just because Man U has some serious injury issues….

Manchester United: Van der Sar; O’Shea, Neville, Evans, Evra; Carrick, Giggs; Fletcher, Tevez, Nani; Ronaldo.
Bench: Foster, Park, Welbeck, Gibson, Martin, Macheda, Eckersley.

Aston Villa: Friedel; L Young, Cuellar, Davies, Shorey; Milner, Petrov, Barry, A Young; Carew, Agbonlahor.
Bench: Guzan, Delfouneso, Knight, Salifou, Reo-Coker, Gardner, Albrighton.

That’s right, Tevez is fit, but Neville and Evans are in at central back today. Can Villa take advantage and right their season? Meanwhile, in addition to injuries, Man U seem to be floundering, and are now facing rumors of C-Ron off to Real Madrid (again!) and training ground bustups featuring you-know-who. Oh and they turn around and play Porto in 48 hours.

Have your say after the jump, or feel free to chat about Everton-Wigan, Luton, Serie A, your pets, etc.

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  1. Spectator

    Wow, Juve v. Chievo is pretty compelling… 3-3 at the death.

  2. The NY Kid

    Have I mentioned that Jonny Evans is a rapist?

  3. phil

    Every time I see Ronaldo’s pinched little face, I want to punch him in the throat.

  4. phil

    I think Villa really miss Laursen.

  5. Spectator

    Oh good, Mike Riley

  6. The NY Kid

    ah, crap. That t**t Ronaldo scored

  7. phil

    Coming soon to a Real Madrid match near you….

  8. phil

    No way Petrov was off. That is pisspoor.

  9. The NY Kid

    I do believe Rod Carew just scored. Who knew he played footy?

  10. Spectator

    And Gary Neville with the poor marking. Game on!

  11. phil

    Wonderful effort by Barry in the build-up. He absolutely ruined Evra.

  12. phil

    Everton are massacring Wigan. 4-0, Jo with a brace.

  13. Spectator

    Meanwhile, Everton are destroying Wigan 4-0.

  14. phil

    WTF? How do you leave CR unmarked? Villa are lucky not to concede there.

  15. Spectator

    Rio Ferdinand and Ian Dowie… Best fwiends forever!

  16. JT

    I like what I’m seeing.

  17. Spectator

    FSC having some technical difficulties at the half, eh?

  18. Mike Georger

    “Tevez runs with ball down the United right, but is tackled and United have a throw. Save an occasional late goal, I’m not sure what he does.”

    Listen Soccernet, when the sign says ‘Don’t feed the bears’, man you better not feed the bears.

  19. JT

    2-1! Villa! Holy s**t!

    (need to calm down)

  20. ü75

    Gabby may be dead, but dammit, so might Man U.

  21. ü75

    VdS has become a useless statue, has he not?

  22. sven

    *runs in, slides across the turf*

  23. The Fan's Attic

    suck it ManU.

  24. ü75

    What a game for John Carew so far. It’s like he and Ibrahimovic are equals today.

  25. The Fan's Attic

    does that guy look like Lampard to anybody else?

  26. sven

    Oh, this is delicious… SAF turns to his bench… and comes up with a 17-year old.

    (JT, sorry I didn’t get a chance to return your last text yesterday… busy evening)

  27. JT

    if Rooney were playing, he’d be working up enough anger to lash out and get himself sent off right about now.

  28. ü75

    Like Macheda is? Young gun has learned his Man U lessons well, right?

  29. JT

    Macheda just seems like a C-Ron clone. Not re: talent, but re: his ability to fall down and gesture wildly for penalties and free kicks.

  30. Mike Georger

    Paging Keith to the main concourse, Keith.

  31. Mike Georger

    Is that guy the cocksmoker that United had to give money to his dad to get him to sign?

  32. Mike Georger

    He’s got caverns in his cheeks for storing pies in the winter!

  33. ü75

    Aww. He fixed his hair up today. Who says modern kids have no sense of occasion?

  34. sven

    Alright, Villa. Finish the job. Kill these f**kers off.

  35. ü75

    Nice tights, nancy boy sub.

  36. JT

    don’t put Reo-Coker at fullback!!

  37. The NY Kid

    @TFA – I was told there would be no math.

  38. Mike Georger


  39. The NY Kid

    and the t**t has a brace

  40. Mike Georger

    Third feels inevitable. At least six minutes of stoppage time.

  41. Mike Georger

    Nice Audi seat, dick.

  42. Mike Georger

    Who else didn’t know Welbeck was black?

  43. Spectator

    5 minutes my ass!

  44. sven

    5 minutes at OT.


  45. ü75

    I like the announcer acting like the amount of added time is a lottery.

  46. Teeknuts

    Come on Villa, shove that five minutes up their ass

  47. Mike Georger

    Season over. thanks for nothing Villa, go f**k yourselves.

  48. Spectator

    So f**king inevitable

  49. The Fan's Attic

    f**kity, f**k, f**k, f**k.

  50. sven

    F**k you, Villa.

    No Champions League place for you. You don’t deserve it.


  51. The NY Kid

    well then. that was quite the strike

  52. Teeknuts

    God f**king dammit

  53. ü75

    Look at all those white guys going crazy.

  54. Mike Georger

    Can’t blame Friedel, but I can blame the terrible defense. Just let everyone dance with the ball in the box you f**king pansies. Maybe if your boss wasn’t so shrewd and bought a defender or two your season wouldn’t have collapsed.

  55. The Fan's Attic

    yeah, i’m pretty sure that ginger was related to the italian goalscorer.

  56. The Fan's Attic

    stupid announcers.

  57. Mike Georger

    Where’s the PIRA when you need it.

  58. The Fan's Attic

    can’t you do anything right Villa? hosers.

  59. Mike Georger

    That was the chance. Now every other manager is going to lay down for SAF just like every other title year. F**k. If I hadn’t spent the last twelve hours puking my guts out, I’d probably be sick.

  60. JT

    Poor Villa.

    I can’t be too mad as we’re still doing everything we must do to keep it close. We just need a result or two to go our way… thought today might be one of them.

    Keith: your team f**king sucks. F**king a**holes. 2-2 and you do that. F**king bulls**t. F**k Aston Villa. Kill Martin O’Neill.

  61. sven

    What a bunch of pussies. Are you Birmingham in disguise?

    MON should sacrifice one of them in the dressing room as punishment.

  62. JT

    Yeah, I f**king hate Aston Villa now. F**k your useless tired f**ks. Sat back and tried to soak it up for the last 10 minutes, at the Stretford End no less. F**king counter-attack, stop giving away corner after corner. F**king pussies. Hate you all.

  63. c0rrine

    i hate my f**king LIFE

  64. c0rrine

    lol manutd are never going to drop pts again

  65. JT

    Seriously c0rrine. F**k Aston Villa more than United right now. Bunch of bitches. Hate you. Claret and blue… makes me sick.

  66. c0rrine

    this hurt more than liverpool losing to boro haha. i wish villa at least sealed their loss EARLY so i could have avoided falsely believing in them for 90 mins UGHHHH.

    they have their confidence and their players back after this match. fergie will know what to do and porto are basically dead

  67. JT

    to try and watch the limp, turgid efforts of Serie A after a 5-goal EPL thriller like that is utterly impossible.

  68. JT

    agreed, c0rrine. They’ll go back to their s**t-eating grins, smug attitudes and complacency as if March never happened. Now, I root for Sunderland, who are due for a good result.

    I mean, we’re still winning any which way, and doing everything we can at this point to keep it close. We need someone to stand up and take these c**ts on squarely. We even showed the league how to do it! And STILL nothing. Villa dominated for 74 minutes, kept Ronaldo quiet (except for his two world-class goals, no doubt), and they leave with nothing.

    O’Neill couldn’t make one change or tactical adjustment in that last 10? He hung them out to dry. F**king hate that entire team right now.

  69. Teeknuts

    At least it’s Opening Night tonight. The start of baseball season will wash away any bad feelings I had today

  70. Spectator

    Weekend is still a success for me… Exeter City up to 2nd place. Two huge games coming up against Brentford and Wycombe. C’mon City!

  71. jjf3

    The f**k’s a Macheda, and where do I get one for my team?

    Jebus F**king Christ, how could Villa not close that out? And thank you, Mike “5-frickin minute” Riley…good to see you weren’t intimidated at OT, you useless t**t.

    I watched a Villa fan stand up and walk out after the last goal with 18 ozs of his pint still untouched. Couldn’t blame him…that was a freakin’ awful end to the game…

  72. jjf3

    Separately, what does it say about the EPL when ManUre runs its full “B”-team (excepting CR, VDS, and Evra) out there against the 5th-best team in the league, and it f**king wins? F**k the EPL, and f**k ManUre…

  73. jjf3

    Oh, and Congrats to the Hatters!! Great job this season staying positive and refusing to be beaten down!

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