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April 9, 2009

Ancelotti to Chelsea? The Papers Seem to Think It’s a Done Deal

Ancelotti and Hiddink…. Which one is which???

The Sun has reported that Ancelotti is definitely going to Chelsea this summer. As these things are want to do, this news has quickly been picked up around the world as fact. Done deal. Signed and Delivered.

But you’ll have to forgive us if we are still a little suspect.

First off, Milan has denied that Ancelotti is leaving.

Second, despite Hiddink’s prostrations that he is definitely heading back to Russia, if Chelsea continue on their current run than I’m sure Abromovich will make Guus an offer he can’t refuse. He just seems like the right man for the job. (Want proof? Just compare the post-game interview Hiddink gave after Chelsea beat Liverpool to any that Scolari gave during his tenure…. Scolari always looked like he was having a Maalox moment, while Hiddink looked like everything went according to his plans.)

Third, it’s the Sun for criminy’s sake.

And fourth, this move would violate Spectator’s First Rule of European Football: No sane person would ever leave Italy for England except under extraordinary circumstances.

But there you have it. Summer rumors will be summer rumors: Either they happen or they fizzle out and are replaced by the next surefire, it-definitely-will-happen move. Like C-Ron to Real Madrid.

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