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April 11, 2009

The Bootroom: Let’s Go Sunderland (Open Thread)

Let’s not beat around the bush here, there is no love lost for ManU here at UF. We would all like to see them go down in a flaming wreck. Too soon? Sadly, it does not appear they will be obliging us this season, but that does not mean we can’t root for Sunderland to reverse its form this year that has provided only 1 win since I opened my new girls on cars calendar.

So, pretty please Blackcats, get that Trinidadian & Tobagon sensation Kenwyne Jones back in goal scoring form and baptize the Red Devil backline.

After the jump, select matches.


Saturday, April 11, 2009
7:45 ET Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers
10:00 ET Middlesbrough v Hull City
10:00 ET Portsmouth v West Bromwich Albion
10:00 ET Sunderland v Manchester United
10:00 ET Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United
10:00 ET Wigan Athletic v Arsenal
10:00 ET Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers
12:30 ET Stoke City v Newcastle United

Sunday, April 12, 2009
9:00 ET Aston Villa v Everton
11:10 ET Manchester City v Fulham


10:00 ET Swansea City v Norwich City

League Two

10:00 ET Lincoln City v Luton Town


10:00 ET Aberdeen v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

La Liga

Saturday, April 11, 2009
14:00 ET Barcelona v Recreativo Huelva
16:00 ET Villarreal v Málaga

Sunday, April 12, 2009
11:00 ET Osasuna v Athletic Bilbao
11:00 ET Sporting Gijon v Valencia
11:00 ET Racing Santander v Real Betis
11:00 ET Mallorca v Almeria
11:00 ET Real Madrid v Valladolid
11:00 ET Numancia v Espanyol
13:00 ET Sevilla FC v Getafe
15:00 ET Deportivo La Coruña v Atlético Madrid


Saturday, April 11, 2009
9:30 ET TSG Hoffenheim v VfL Bochum
9:30 ET Borussia Dortmund v FC Cologne
9:30 ET Energie Cottbus v Arminia Bielefeld
9:30 ET Borussia Monchengladbach v VfL Wolfsburg
9:30 ET Hannover 96 v Hertha Berlin
9:30 ET Bayern Munich v Eintracht Frankfurt
9:30 ET Schalke 04 v Karlsruhe

Sunday, April 12, 2009
11:00 ET Bayer Leverkusen v Werder Bremen
11:00 ET VfB Stuttgart v Hamburg SV

Serie A

Saturday, April 11, 2009
9:00 ET Napoli v Atalanta
9:00 ET Fiorentina v Cagliari
9:00 ET Torino v Catania
9:00 ET Chievo Verona v AC Milan
9:00 ET Internazionale v Palermo
9:00 ET Lazio v AS Roma
9:00 ET Lecce v Sampdoria
9:00 ET Bologna v Siena
14:30 ET Genoa v Juventus

Sunday, April 12, 2009
10:00 ET Reggina v Udinese

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  1. c0rrine

    that torres goal…

    he is pure class. rafa bought us a gem. that was the most beautiful goal of the season both technically and for the moment

    oh god i am awake at 745am, what has football done to me priorities?!??!

  2. The NY Kid

    clarified them?

    nothing better than early footy

  3. The NY Kid

    oops. Nando misses a sitter

  4. c0rrine

    masch could have easily gone down to challenge for the penalty but he stayed up :)

  5. The NY Kid

    absolutely, although with Mike Riley in the middle you never know if it would have been given or not.

  6. The NY Kid

    oooooooooooh, Dirk – I really could have used that goal for fantasy footy

  7. The NY Kid

    Liverpool’s #9!

  8. c0rrine

    hmmm he may just have the best heading ability in the PL

    but then again he’s probably the best striker too ;)

    i hope blackburn don’t come back 2-4 in the last 10 mins hahhahaa

  9. machine gooner funk

    lets go you gunners!

  10. phil

    Fernando Torres is wonderful to watch. What. A. Player.

  11. c0rrine

    ty liverpool for making it worth getting up at 7:45am


  12. machine gooner funk

    whos got a link for the arsenal game?

  13. Bigus Dickus

    Sod Liverpool, Norwich are at Swansea and it’s currently 1-1. Get in City.

  14. The NY Kid

    @mgf – LiveFooty, first feed, Sopcast channel “Extra”

  15. Mike Georger


  16. Mike Georger

    Jesus Christ Torres’ first goal … goal of the season.

  17. GeneralGametime

    Where is everybody? I have to work this morning and I was foolishly planning on relying on you people for updates/mildly amusing quips about Eboue.

    Please take my needs into account and plan the rest of your day accordingly.

  18. jjf3

    Way to go Black Cats! Jones scores, great job keeping his balance

  19. Mike Georger


  20. Bigus Dickus

    What do you need General? Stevenage score? News about Bristol City?

  21. Bigus Dickus

    Norwich City are f@cking killing me. 2-1 Swans

  22. phil


    Pavlyohwhatsit slots in a lovely ball from Modric!


  23. GeneralGametime

    I’m dying for a Lincoln City-Luton Town update.

  24. Sarah

    Thank god for Theo. Brilliant play by Arshavin to keep the ball.

  25. Bigus Dickus

    0-0. That one is a snoozer.

    Come on Luton wakey wakey.

  26. jjf3

    f**k f**k f**k f**k f**kity f**k

  27. jjf3

    translates as: Macheda scores late again for ManUre

  28. EbullientFatalist

    F**k. Overslept to find Arsenal tied at one. I should’ve kept sleeping.

  29. Bigus Dickus

    17 mins late so not so late!

  30. machine gooner funk

    silvestre get in!!!!!! is cesc hurt?

  31. phil

    SF Bolton making a startling comeback against Spartak London, who have just crumbled since Lampard was subbed.

    Macheda again. F*cking ManUre.

  32. jjf3

    BD: not as late as last time, but likely just as game-deciding.

    and thank you Setanta for a close-up of Berbatov’s big toe. So much for breakfast…

  33. EbullientFatalist

    What the f**k is going on in the Spartak-SFB match?

    Silvestre? Really? I’ll take it, but really?

  34. Bigus Dickus

    Cheslea Bolton 4-3 wowser.

  35. phil

    Say what you want about Cesc, gooners, but Arshavin has completely changed your side. I never expected him to make this kind of immediate impact. Looks like a great signing to this point. Wankers. LOL

  36. phil

    Ain’t it a shame about Chavski…

  37. Bigus Dickus

    I love you Dele Adebola you giant ugly, lanky mostly useless tosser. I love you.

    Forest 1 Bristol 2

  38. phil

    3 goals in 9 minutes for SF Bolton. Unreal. Chavs are reeling.

  39. EbullientFatalist

    I thought my feed was screwing up on me, then I realized Bendtner had the ball. The feed was fine.

  40. Bigus Dickus

    Luton 0-0, Stevenage 1 up at Ebsfleet and Norwic have 4 forwards on.

  41. EbullientFatalist

    Fabianski looks like he should be at an emo concert, not between the posts.

  42. EbullientFatalist

    Forest back on level terms.

  43. Bigus Dickus

    THe bath is running. Anyone seen my toaster?

  44. machine gooner funk

    arshavin GET IN!!!!! 3-1 to the arsenal!

  45. jjf3

    Holy Crap, Bolton just missed on the deflection!!

  46. Bigus Dickus

    zzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrttttt zzzzzzztttttz.

  47. machine gooner funk

    holy s**t!!!! even song GETS IN! wow 4-1

  48. EbullientFatalist

    Yes, Arshavin. Yes. And what a goal, too. Pure anticipation, lethal finishing. It was on a counter and it was wonderful – even if Boyce handed it to us.

  49. phil

    COYS! Safety at last! Moved into the top half of the table, and sitting at 41 points. I’m positively giddy.

    And that was simply a brilliant goal by Arshavin.

  50. EbullientFatalist

    F**k, me feed is behind. What the hell, Song? Where did he learn how to dribble AND attack at the same time?

  51. Mike Georger

    Look at cute little Arsenal acting like they’re one of the big boys.

  52. Sarah

    Song and Silvestre scoring in the same game…it’s like the Twilight Zone.

  53. EbullientFatalist

    @phil: yeah, what a turnaround from, what, February? Amazing two months for you Spurs.

  54. machine gooner funk

    what began as a truly s**t performance has turned into total arsenal domination. spledid to see really. 9 points clear of the villa c**ts and some champaign football in the 2nd half

  55. phil

    @andrew: Yeah, I was sure we were relegated two months ago. This turnaround has been amazing.

  56. c0rrine

    i hate this new italiano

  57. phil

    LMAO @ Spartak. They win but walk away feeling like losers. SF Bolton almost stole a point.

  58. EbullientFatalist

    @MGF: We’re playing brilliantly now. If only we could’ve knocked in a few goals during our league games in February . . .

  59. phil

    Does my secretly wishing for Newcastle to be relegated make me a bad person?

  60. Goat

    MGF–I lived in Champaign for 7 years and I never saw anything like that.

  61. machine gooner funk

    my sincerest apologies goat for my spelling error

  62. Sarah

    If I’m not mistaken, the win means that today is St. Totteringham’s Day!

  63. hockalees

    Happy St. Totteringham’s Day all!!!

  64. Teeknuts

    Bayern recovered from their dickstomping to give one out themselves, 4-0 over Eintract. Not exactly what I was expecting after wednesday.

    God damn bed always tempting me, I need to get my priorities in order. Football > Sleep

  65. phil

    Indeed it is, Sarah.

    Nevertheless, I’m just relieved to be in the top half and safe. And we’re undefeated in London derbies! Such is the meager consolation of the Spurs supporter!

  66. BentPav

    Phil, I am chuffed as well. I cant believe I would be screaming in my house b/c we got to 41 pts. I feel good w/’arry in charge. He has done a great job. Lets have a go at United and help some of our Scouser mates!

  67. jjf3

    Watching Blackburn at Anfield from this morning:
    1) Props to however many Rovers supporters made it to Anfield who kept the minute of silence
    2) Stupid f**king Blackburn! (courtesy of BFS)
    Samba up front in a 4-5-1, with Benni the lone striker on the bench? And no MGP on the left, and Villanueva left on the bench? No attack to begin with, and very little support from the midfield or in reserve…
    3) Holy sweet mother of Jesus that Torres goal was a stunner…
    4) Ditto on his stunning miss in the 16th…

  68. jjf3

    Holy s**t, that Torres goal looks better each time they show it…

  69. jjf3

    Damn. More than nice by Torres over 6’5″ Samba…

    Even knowing the final score, this sucks to watch. Rovers were lucky to make it through the first half without being down 4-0…much less another 45′ to make it so…

    Nothing positive in the first half whatsoever…I think I’ll skip the 2nd in hopes of seeing the games tomorrow (given that AV-EV is being shown on delay…)

  70. JT

    Villa are f**king rubbish. What happened?!?!?!

  71. JT

    The theme of the day is apparently “Shambolic Defending.”

    Lifeline for Villa, and plenty of game to go.

    Depressing Fact: Villa haven’t won a game in any competition since February 7.

  72. JT

    Alright, I take back the earlier comments. They showed that somewhere amid the mediocrity, they do have some heart.

  73. jjf3

    Bobby Zamora = the island of wasted chances

  74. EbullientFatalist

    That “have not won since Feb. 7 in all competitions” is an amazing fact.

    I suppose they just lost all confidence, and the balls that used to go their way, weren’t anymore.

  75. EbullientFatalist

    Also, and I’m just throwing this out there, but Mowbray’s boys could survive. When you look at the s**t both Blackburn and Hull are playing, and then games against both Sunderland and Rovers, we may very well see WBA escape. And I’d like that.

  76. JT

    Ebullient: that’s not bad. Blackburn, Hull, ‘Boro going down? You’d get good odds on that.

    Meanwhile, this Citeh game is easily the worst game I’ve seen in 3-4 years.

  77. The Likely Lad

    super clint! now no more goals!

  78. jjf3

    EF: no way Rovers go down. Rovers have been a much better team since BFS arrived, and I can see them nicking 1 point at Stoke next week, and outright winning 2 of the last 3 home games (Wigan, Pompey, WBA).

  79. EbullientFatalist

    WOW!1!!1!!!11!! @ Clint Dempsey.

    @JT: You guys should repost the preseason predictions, on which all the commenters added their own predictions, to see who was furthest away from being wrong (because I’m not sure anyone was that close to being right).

    @jjf3: You’re probably right, because even if WBA manage to get out of the RZ, goal difference will be against them. Still, they’re not done yet, and as Fulham proved last season, if you don’t stop playing, good things can happen.

  80. Spectator

    I can’t see any way that Sparky is the Citeh manager next year…. The team has quit on him, 35-million pound Robinho on the bench, poor results, etc. So does Citeh make a run at Mourinho?

  81. Keith

    Most importantly, EF, that’s when we lost Laursen- and thus a cutting edge on set pieces both ways, and an experienced EPL (eff you, Barclay’s) defender.

  82. EbullientFatalist

    @Keith: I’m still pulling for you guys to get UEFA. That Laursen injury was absolutely devastating to the side; reminds me of when Eduardo and Sagna went down last year – the Gunners never recovered.

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