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April 19, 2009

The Bootroom: Man U v. Everton

Can our man stop United?

A wobbly Man U and a determined Everton will meet on the patchy grass that is Wemberley today. The match is on FSC, so have at it in the comments.

I’m predicting a 1-0 result for United thanks to a questionable Mike Riley decision.

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  1. Spectator

    Shockingly young lineup for Man U today. God forbid that will mean they’re destined to lose.

  2. Spectator

    Hmmmm… so no one cares about Man U and Everton? Can’t say I disagree.

  3. sven

    My SopCast program is apparently crapped out… and of course, the download page won’t load so I can reinstall.

    *sigh* And I can’t say I’m rooting for Everton… I prefer to think of it as rooting against United.

  4. Spectator

    I’m half paying attention…. Can’t say that with the lineup SAF put out that Everton doesn’t have a shot. Only thing I’m really enjoying is Rafael and Fabio on the pitch at the same time.

  5. ΓΌ75

    No spice to this game whatsoever

  6. JT

    I’d rather be watching basketball

  7. Spectator

    Bo-ring…. I’m going to clean my apartment.

  8. Spectator

    Hahaha well done Moyes getting into Mike Riley’s head. That was a pretty clear penalty on Welbeck.

  9. Spectator

    Eh, I take it back… slo-mo replay shows that Welbeck made a meal of it. 50-50 penalty, so well done Mike Riley!

  10. Spectator


  11. The NY Kid


  12. Spectator

    Mike Riley doing his best to make up for the no-penno call with three terrible calls against Everton (two clear corners not given, one nothing foul against Cahill as he was clear on to goal).

    And I can’t believe I’m still watching this.

  13. phil

    Nothing says “breathing life into the match” like bringing on a sulky, overpaid Boobatov

  14. Spectator

    open play: (antonym) Manchester United versus Everton, April 19, 2009, Wembley Stadium.

  15. phil

    Sam Allardyce thinks this was a cracking match.

  16. The Fan's Attic

    two shockingly poor PKs from ManU and Everton.

  17. Spectator

    Dear lord Tim Cahill and Berba take horrible PKs…. This game will never see a goal!!!

  18. EbullientFatalist

    Tim Cahill just did his best to make sure this game never ends.

  19. Spectator

    Finally! Baines of all people.

  20. The Fan's Attic

    Howard with two saves. NICE.

    USA! USA! USA!

  21. EbullientFatalist

    Please, Everton, for chrissakes, win this so I don’t have to hear about ManU-Chelsea for the next month.

  22. phil

    HOWARD!!!! Vanquishing the evildoers!

  23. EbullientFatalist

    I don’t want to be left out: USA!USA!USA!

  24. Spectator

    Well done Everton!!!

  25. The Fan's Attic


  26. EbullientFatalist

    Good on you, Toffees. Now there is no chance of a ManU treble, and I personally implore Arsenal to make sure there won’t be a ManU double.

  27. The NY Kid

    this was pretty much the perfect result:

    1. ManUre forced to play 120 minutes
    2. Tim Cahill misses his PK in an egregious manner
    3. ManUre lose

  28. phil

    YES! No more quintuple talk!

  29. The Fan's Attic


    Fox En Espanol has the FA Cup Final as Arsenal v. Everton.

  30. phil

    Too true, TNK.

  31. Your Local Team

    Not a person on the pitch played with any fervor today. Everton deserved to advance even less than the incredibly young ManU. It was boys against men and the boys should have won it.

  32. jjf3

    thank you Tim Howard from saving this weekend from being an utterly depressing whirlpool of horrible, crappy losses. The pens were wonderful, at least until I found out one of the Englanders I was with was a Forest fan who was happy about this morning’s result… :(

    And f**k you Lorient for trying to make it worse again (what, you can’t f**king defend a lead at home??). Girondins better f**kin stomp OL this afternoon…

    Hmm, what’s that you say? I need a life??

  33. jjf3

    F**k. And. Yes. Diarra! (not the Lassana one, or the other one, or that 3rd one…)

  34. jjf3


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