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April 22, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Nice socks

Liberally borrowed from Off The Post. Repaid with another link.

Stevie G needs to go through Cotillion classes to learn posture [Off The Post]
What Bigus was creaming himself over today [NCFC]
Has Mr. Harrod’s authorized illegal payments to players? [Dirty Tackle]

Man U, like the Yankees, are raising prices next season [Guardian]
EPL players who play for clubs close to where they were born [The Best Eleven]
That bar where Gerrard totally beat up that other guy is losing its alcohol license [Champion]

Would you buy one these scarves. Knowing you, as I do, you totally would [The Spoiler]

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  1. jjf3

    that’s a damn classy away kit for the Colaship.

    well done…

  2. jjf3

    what, no CONCACAF Champion’s League Cup Final live-blog?

    Euro-snobs! :) (I don’t really care either, now that the USL teams are gone…)

  3. ü75

    Was that at 10? My TV said 8, but FSC was showing Spartak-Everton replay. Might check the 2nd half.

  4. jjf3

    It was apparently some kind of complete cluster-f**k. It was supposed to be at 7 CT, but once it was a Mexico-only final (seemingly) it went to 9 CT, and no one was apparently updated. FSC and TF are showing it live now…but neither DishNetwork nor Bernardo Fallas (here in Houston) knew that before now…

  5. jjf3

    I’d go with pathetic, but those are usually one and the same…

  6. Spectator

    Man, and you’d think that viewers in Houston would actually want to see an all-Mexican league final.

  7. jjf3

    don’t worry, Spec, this will rate well on the overnight Nielsens for H-town. We’re just previewing the future of the USA right now, but AT LEAST 50% of the hardcore Dynamo fans are of Latin descent (mostly Mexico, but we’re talking a HUGE demographic). In 20-30 years this will be a “soccer” country by simple numbers…H-town is the “front-line” of what is already guaranteed to happen throughout the country…its all bound to happen anyways, as we painfully become a “planet”, rather than a “country”…simple human nature…

  8. ü75

    Someone’s gettin’ all Earth Day up in here.

    Anyway, this is the first game of a two-legged final, which is a horrible idea. It beats the MLS’s old 3 games to make 5 points playoffs, but only barely. Can’t say I;m that interested tonight. What’s on in hockey?

  9. jjf3

    actually, I don’t think so. Just addressing simple reality…

    I can’t even imagine what its like to be BD, who still remembers (s**t, savors), a childhood of Canaries’ history…the speed of life is overtaking every aspect of our lives, faster than we can adapt…

  10. Mike Georger

    Yeah well if it’s mostly Mexicans, it may be a ‘soccer country’ but it will still be a ‘s**tty soccer country.’

    We need some Argentinians flooding in.

  11. EbullientFatalist

    Too bad those nice kits will only be seen in League 1.

    Naw, I think Norwich will survive. They’ll pull a Fulham 08.

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