Unprofessional Foul


May 11, 2009

Monday Backpasses: One day closer to a Millwall beatdown

Dear Millwaaaaaaaaaaa fans–any spelling errors are on me. Those videos are on you lot.

A bad sign for MLS? Two clubs are propping up this season’s attendance figures [Soccer Blog]
Bruce Arena is still up a creek without a paddle. Says yellow card fest against Seattle was because of Field Turf [NYT Goal]
Sure, ONTD had the picture of Upson’s undies up first, but ladies, Kickette has even more for you [Kickette]
Steve McClaren to Ajax? Really? Is such a thing possible without the world coming to an end? [The Beautiful Game]

You have to wait almost a full minute for the payoff, but it’s there. Belgium’s Mike Tyson [The Offside]
Try to recreate this in your backyard, I dare you [Dirty Tackle]
Andre Bikey is still crazy [Off The Post]
Academy kids (and oldies at Man U) playing for their clubs this weekend [Daily Mail]

Mexico pulls its teams from the Copa Libertadores over Swine Flu backlash. Maybe if Reynoso hadn’t been such a dick [NYT Goal]

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