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May 15, 2009

Isn’t It a Bit Early for This?

Something called The Frisky has a list of the Ten Craziest Sex Stories of 2009.

It’s May. We’re not even to the halfway point of ’09. Jesus keep your clothes on people.

Anyway we bring this up because our friends Nives Celsius and Dino Drpic have made the list.

If you recall, Celsius (or is it ‘Celzijus’?), the Playboy model wife of the Croatian defender, went on TV and bragged that she and Dino had sex on that pitch at Dinamo Zagreb’s Maksimir Stadium. The club must have been knowledgeable to some extent as Drpic had even arranged for the lights to be turned on for the pitch promiscuity.

Drpic was shipped out on loan to Bundesliga side Karlsruher SC shortly thereafter.

Just a heads up, the stock photo image that The Frisky used to adorn their list is a bit creepy. We prefer Celsius as pictured above. Or if you’re sleazier, there’s some added NSFW Nives here.

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