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May 26, 2009

Wait, the Weekend is Over?

Yes, we’re aware that the biggest match of the season is tomorrow. We’re quite literally paralyzed with anticipation.

And that explains why we were seemingly derelict in getting stuff up on the site today.

Not buying it, huh? Okay. Well, we’re not good liars but we do have really good reasons for our slackitude. Normal programming (and the good Lord willing a United loss) will return tomorrow.

(Oh, and not soccer related… RIP Jay Bennet)

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  1. The NY Kid

    speak for yourself – I was paralyzed with liver transgressions

  2. ΓΌ75

    What? It’s not still Monday? Shit.

  3. jjf3

    I’m posting this now, because I may not get the chance tomorrow:

    Barca will win tomorrow. The ONLY way to beat ManU is to attack them, and not fear them. (My Blackburn, of all teams, actually implied this, but Liverpool had the talent to then make it work). Barca will attack relentlessly, and they have the talent necessary to make it work. Additionally, I’ll stand by a statement I made after the semi – Barca will actually be better defensively without Alves in this situation (and they’ll need to be against ManU’s counter-attack). With 5 players actually devoted to defense (not 4 with one marauding down the right side), they can hold their own, and the front 5 can attack at every opportunity.

    Of course, I know nothing, so there you go…

  4. jjf3

    I can’t predict the sun rising tomorrow, so I AM a f**king genius right now… :P

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