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June 4, 2009

Who Is Soccer’s Tank Man?

Not very soccer related, but today marks the 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square student protests. It is one of the formative political events of my childhood.
I had just reached double digits in age in 1989 and little did I know the world was about to change more drastically than it had in nearly 30 years. The next six months would mark the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the beginning of the unraveling of the Soviet Union.

The above image was seen around the world and is seen as a symbol of freedom from, defiance of, and courage in the face of tyranny. Although, China certainly is not a “free” country in Western eyes.

So I ask you, does soccer have its proverbial Tank Man? If so, who is it?

Also, I encourage you to read this post about the four photographers who took photographs of this incident.

[Photo: Jeff Widener/Associated Press]

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  1. Mike Georger

    Danny Murphy.

  2. Ibracadabra

    NOT Vinnie Jones. My retro vote goes to Dunga.

  3. The Fan's Attic

    I'm sure Blatter and Platini would fight each for this title against the oppressive forces of capitalism in soccer, which happen to pay them handsomely.

  4. phil

    Sir Alex Ferguson has long tried to subvert the glorious march of progress brought on by the triumphant People's Revolution.

  5. Mike Georger

    I'm running away with this right now.

  6. Ibracadabra

    MG – Agreed. Murphy is a rock.

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