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July 7, 2009

Punishment For Paddy?

Pudgy Sheffield United onion bag minder, Paddy Kenny, has been suspended after failing a drugs test. Kenny tested positive for Ephedrine after the second leg of the Blades play-off semi final against Preston North End back in May. Kenny claims the banned substance was in a cough medicine he bought over the counter. Ain’t that what they all say?

Ephedrine IS found in cough and cold remedies and if he can prove he took the drug in that form, he will likely get a slap on the wrists. But if he took the stimulant in pill form he could be banned from playing for up to 2 years, effectively ending his career.

31 year old Kenny has been an ever present between the sticks at Bramall lane since 2002 when he moved from Bury for an undisclosed fee. He is often mocked by fans up and down the country for being chu..well, ‘stocky’. He is also well known for some rather bizarre methods at keeping the ball out of his net (see below). Last season Paddy was dropped from the team after turning up late for training, sparking rumors that he was throwing his toys out of the pram over stalled contract talks. Manager Kevin Blackwell transfer listed Kenny for a spell before changing his mind.

The FA is investigating.

Unorthodox. Kenny in action.

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