Unprofessional Foul


July 22, 2009

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A… Footballer.

The Steven Gerrard trial is still on going and it’s getting more interesting by the day. Snippets of info have been leaving the courtroom and hitting the papers all week. We have all been aware that the incident was over Phil Collins for quite some time, but now we get to see the CCTV video shown to the jury and from the look of this, Liverpool’s skipper threw the first punch. The prosecutor described it as an upper cut and suggested that Gerrard was experienced in boxing, I would describe it as more of a ‘stretching of the arm’ at speed. Do boxers sling a punch while standing sideways to your opponent? You decide…

In court today Gerrard admitted to throwing three punches but says that the other party was to blame, stating Mr Marcus McGee was ‘arrogant’ and ‘aggressive’. He told the court that Mr McGee wouldn’t let him change the music on the stereo. Oh, the s**t you can get yourself into after a bunch of lagers and a jammy donut. Good job I don’t like Phil Collins eh?

The trial is expected to last the rest of the week.

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  1. Georger

    Jonny Evans is a rapist.

  2. teeknuts

    Is it wrong I find this video somewhat hilarious? The awkward dancing right at the start is what really gets me.

  3. Bigus Dickus

    @Teeknuts. It is very funny early on. Very!

  4. a jammy donut sounds delicious. Recipe for the Foul Up?

  5. Lingering Bursitis

    Jammy Donuts are delicious. There, I said it. When you do mixed shots, you’ll drink any combo of booze they put in a glass in front of you.

    I once drank Jameson and Amaretto in a shot. It was delicious. I then drank many, many more.

  6. Georger

    Nothing says ‘tailgate’ quite like Chambord and double cream.

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