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July 22, 2009

Notts County…Premier League Bound?

Nott For the money, but for the challenge!

Nott For the money, but for the challenge!

How’s that sound? Odd right? But the oldest team in the world (disputed often) and their new director of football reckon that’s on the cards. Sven Goran Eriksson was unveiled at Notts County of League 2 this morning and his message was clear.

“It is the biggest football challenge of my life to take Notts County to the Premier League, I could have gone elsewhere and earned more but I’m here for the challenge.”  – SGE.

‘The challenge’. So it has absolutely nothing to do with the whopping salary he will be collecting over the next 5 years from the Magpies new middle eastern mega-rich owners then?

Ericksson will of course be taking his buddy Tord Grip along for the ride. Grip has been Sven’s football sidekick for years, following his buddy wherever he goes. The pair will be responsible for signings, scouting, fitness and training facilities. There is no word yet on how this new set up will affect current County manager Ian McParland but I can see changes on the horizon. It will be extremely hard for a manager like Sven to suddenly sit back and let a manager who is far less experienced make decisions that influence results. This is fantasy football and results are expected.

Sven’s new squad will include unfamiliar names such as Ben Davies, Richard Ravenhill and Stephen Hunt, no not the one from Reading who assaults goalkeepers with his knee but this one. Whatever the future brings for County it will sure be an exciting ride for the fans and be interesting for everyone else. Will they sling money at League One/Colaship players? How involved will Sven be? And will the experiment actually work? Billionaires have taken over at Premier League clubs and splashed the cash but never has one tried to take the 19th placed team from League Two to the Premier League.

Sven starts his new gig immediately and will watch his new team play in a pre-season friendly this Saturday at home to cross-town neighbors Nottingham Forest.


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