Unprofessional Foul


July 28, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: No (more) Season 5 spoilers!

Originaldo is too hefty for his own good [Off The Post]
Everyone can stop holding their breath.  Pies is back [PIES]
Millwall go double lion. Everyone know you don’t go double lion [Football Fashion]
When taking a PK, just go ahead and kick it. Stuttering will get you nowhere [The Offside]

Summertime sucks for content [SoccerLens]
LA fan unbanned from Home Depot center after Becks tells HDC people to back off [AP]
Buried in here: Good news and bad news. Good news: Ricardo Clark to Livorno. Bad News: Not until January [SBI]
Newcastle have no real interest in doing anything about anything at this point [Guardian]

Is bad writing about soccer and its place in American society part of a secret plot by newspapers to keep the game unpopular? Here, witness an eye-gougingly bad story about how the beautiful game brings disparate cultures together (for the Nth time). Scott Templeton shakes his head at this bunk. [Washington Post]

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