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August 3, 2009

Burnley’s Steven Thompson Has An Expensive Beer

Widmer Brothers beer garden on dog night for Portland Beavers baseball game.  The Timbers draw much bigger crowds.

Widmer Brothers beer garden on dog night for Portland Beavers baseball game. The Timbers draw much bigger crowds.

UF does not give out weekly awards but maybe we should start considering it and we may just have to name it after Burnley’s Steven Thompson, who was fined a week’s worth of wages for drinking half a beer.  During a game.  While he was playing.  Somebody get that man a beer!  And a raise! 

While the UFers trekked to Baltimore to watch EPL (Suck it, Barclay’s) stalwart Chelsea beat up on AC Milan, another EPL (Suck it, Barclay’s) entrant, Burnley, was touring the US at the same time playing the Portland Timbers on July 25.  Albeit, to much lesser corporate fanfare.  During the game, Thompson tumbled over the railing into the Widmer Brothers beer garden next to the field whilst chasing an errant pass during a 2-2 draw with the Timbers and had a drink.  

“I kind of fell over the billboards at the side of the pitch and there was a cafe right on the side,” said the 30-year-old.

“I landed on this person’s table and I don’t know what happened, I just instinctively grabbed this guy’s pint and had a drink.

This is an amusing anecdote, although I worry that Thompson is so instinctive about his beer drinking that he has those instincts during a match.   Perhaps he may have a wee bit of a tippling issue.

Thompson’s beery landing is costing him a week’s worth of wages for what the club called “unprofessional behaviour.” I am not sure how much Thompson makes per week, but I do know it could not be any higher than 15K quid because Burnley has capped its wages this season, but perhaps UF should start a fundraiser on behalf of Mr. Thompson. T-shirts anyone?

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  1. Georger

    Alright, who brought the pooch!

    That is one of the best explanations for drinking I have ever heard, akin to the old ‘I slipped and fell, next thing I knew I was inside her’. And I expect it to go over as well as that one does too.

  2. Bigus

    How ridiculous. He fell over and had a sip for a laugh. The club should be ashamed of themeselves.

  3. Nathaniel

    Finally bought the UF shirt today. Not sure if I’m comfortable with the funds going to Mssr. Thompson. C’est la vie!

  4. Bigus

    Nathaniel, what size did you order?

  5. jjf3

    SI, quoting Sport, whoever that is, says the Alonso deal is done…Also, didn’t realize that Alonso’s dad had played at Barca…

  6. Georger

    Yep his pops played for Barca after years with Sociedad, so not only does his family have the Basque connection, they have a connection with Madrid’s biggest rivals. Oh, he’s a c**t of the highest order.

  7. Georger

    Wow, Keith is gonna be pumped, Villa get Delph.

  8. jjf3

    BFS: I’ll gamble on youth*.

    *By “youth”, he means “tackling the crap out of whoever’s got the ball”.

    That disclaimer aside, I like the idea of landing Kalinic and Di Santo for up top.

    And the rest of his comments indicate he knows he’s got enough experienced players to survive in the EPL, and now they need new talents to challenge and advance the team.

  9. jjf3

    and RE: this post – as part of the whole Rovers initiation thing, I have to irrationally hate Burnley. But then one of them go and do something like this – hell, how can you not like a player who grabs a drink mid-game after falling into a table? Pretty sure I’d do the same, if I were in his boots…

  10. Keith

    between that and Del Piero’s awful penno yesterday (and the calm, cool spot kicks taken by the kids and Cuellar), I’m on cloud nine, Georger

  11. Keith

    giffage of Del Piero’s Epic Fail

  12. jjf3

    I watched the PK’s earlier, and while I didn’t pay close attention to who took them, Cuellar and Sidwell were the only Villans I immediately recognized. Who took the others?

  13. Keith

    Penalty makers were Barry Bannan (reserve left winger from the academy), Ashley Young, Shane Lowry (reserve right back from the academy) and Cuellar

    Missers were Sidwell and Chris Herd(reserve midfielder from the academy)

    The starting XI were:

    Eric Lichaj-Davies-Cuellar-Shorey
    Marc Albrighton-NRC-Sidwell-Andreas Weimann

    Carew came off at the end of regulation for Herd, Bannan replaced Weimann on 75, and Lowry came on for Shorey in ET

  14. jjf3

    Thank for the info, Keith! Pretty nice PK’s from the reserves…

  15. [...] Burnley’s Steven Thompson fined for taking a drink off a fan’s beer during a friendly against the Portland Timbers. [Unprofessional Foul] [...]

  16. Absolutely. Brilliant.

    I can hear FourFourTwo keyboards clattering on a piece on moments similar.

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