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August 6, 2009

Because Banning Knives and Sticks Would Be Too Hard

Now if they can't wear anything, DIMAYOR might be on to something...

Now if they can't wear anything, DIMAYOR might be on to something

Fans in Colombia are being banned from supporting their teams. By decree from DIMAYOR, the body which runs professional football in the South American—hello, crazy—country:

“Beginning this date and until there are further orders, people carrying anything that makes a reference to a visiting team (shirts, flags, caps, etc.) are prohibited from entering the stadium.”

The move is a result of a clash over the weekend between rival fans of Quindio and Atletico Nacional. In a melee involving “sticks and knives” 15 people were injured and twice that were arrested.

But yeah, no sense trying to ban knives in Colombia. Instead they ban clothes and flags. What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently it doesn’t occur to authorities in Colombia that it will now be every bit as easy to identify the visiting fans by what they are not wearing. Don’t have the home team’s colors on? You’re probably for the opposition. Failing that level of deduction, belligerent home fans could just kind look and see who the people around them are cheering for.

But no, no flags or shirts. Problem solved.

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