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August 6, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Oooh, mystery!

It’s almost time for the lower leagues to start in England, which means we are one step closer to going all Norwich, all the time. As such, we have a long ranging interview with gaffer Bryan Gunn ready to go tomorrow. Below is an excerpt from today’s interview

The fact that he is in the team picture is because he is a contracted player for Norwich City Football Club. We received a bid from Burnley in early July and we refused the offer, it didn’t meet our evaluation at the time.

Find out who Gunn was talking about tomorrow.

Rating the ratings for national teams [The Offside]
Jozy gets a pretty low number after signing with Hull [USMNT Blog]
Chester City is likely to start next season chasing a 25 point deduction in the Blue Square Premier [200%]
They’re so skillful. Notice how hard it is for them to finish [The Beautiful Game]
Adios, Livingston [Avoiding The Drop]
EBJT will drop a lot of cash at a party and not even drink. Guess he wasn’t worried about coming off like Mr. Big Shot, or whatever excuse Bigus tried to give Beckham [ONTD_FB]

Nebulously football related, but the bouncing orbs are mesmerizing. Deffo NSFW [NSFW, alright?]

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  1. Bigus Dickus

    Re: The video, why does Chris Kamara get all the good jobs. bastard!

  2. Bigus Dickus

    and Terry is a flash Harry. Harry Terry, fancy pants money bags.

  3. Georger

    Darel Russell?

  4. Georger

    Shit I wasn’t supposed to guess, was I?

  5. teeknuts

    According to EPL talk ESPN is going to air a couple of EPL (SIB) matches a week, specifically the early Saturday and Monday matches.

  6. Lingering Bursitis

    Teek: we are still trying to independently verify as no-one else is reporting that s**t but EPL Talk.

  7. Georger

    Still think it’s bad news. Good for Villa fans though it seems.

    I really don’t buy the logic of ‘it means ESPN will make a big push next time it’s up!’ when they got bitched out of the Champions League rights and those games are much more marketable than a seven thirty in the morning game.

  8. teeknuts

    I would enjoy it only for the fact that I am too poor and cheap to get FSC, so this would be the one chance for me to watch any kind of high level football on a screen bigger than 13 inches.

  9. Georger

    This week I had to get my cable set up for my new place and I decided to spring for the sports package. For five extra bucks a month it will be worth watching on my couch rather than in a desk chair.

    Don’t worry though I have wireless so my breakdowns will still remain quite public.

  10. teeknuts

    I’ll just say that I can’t wait until the first time Aquilani makes a bad pass.

  11. Georger

    The question I find myself asking is, how can someone with such crazy crossed eyes be renowned for his vision?

  12. Eladio

    Arsenal/Celtic in the CL. I still find these new draws/rules for the CL ridiculous, considering Levski Sofia, Copenhagen, and FC Zurich have a MUCH easier path to the group stages than ARsenal, the team with the 7th best UEFA coefficient. I had a guest post about this in the early summer, but did anyone listen? Noooooo.


  13. bigus

    @georger. He can look at the ball and where he is playing it at the same time.

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