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August 18, 2009

The Tuesday Bootroom

My dream home.

My dream home.

Welcome, Welcome, It’s a bumper day of football and this is the place to be…

Champions League qualifying action, Premier League action, Colaship action and League One action, Get in City!

Can Celtic suppress Arsene’s new toy, the 4-3-3? Will Paul Lambert be patient and keep in his seat at Griffin Park? Can Sunderland expose Ancelotti’s less than sparkly diamond?

Will Wigan go top of the Premier League with a win at home to Wolves?  Will the referee in Ipswich make a bad call and Neil Warnock’s head explode, destroying the evil place? And What about Exeter and Yeovil, a west country derby! Lets hope the cider flows and everyone is up for that one.

My prediction? Drunk farmers 1 Football 0.

Full fixtures after the jump, the floor is yours my firends, have at it!

Champions League
Celtic V Arsenal
Premier League
Sunderland V Chelsea
Wigan V Wolverhampton
Barnsley V Preston
Blackpool V Derby
Bristol City V OPR
Doncaster V Coventry
Ips**t V Colin Wankers 11
Forest V Watford
Posh V Baggies
Plymouth V Cardiff
Scunny V Boro
Blades V Leicester
Swans V Reading
League One
Bee’s V Super City
Exeter V Yeovil
Hartlepool V Rovers
Huddersfield V Seaguls
Orient V Charlton
Hooligans V Oldham
Stockport V Carlisle
Swindon V Saints
Trannies V Dons
Walsall V Dirty Leeds
Wycombe V Southend.

All yours…

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Norfolk Ned
I like football. What else is there to say?



  1. hockalees

    Nicky got away with a handball there.

  2. It wouldn’t have been that outlandish to see that given, arugably if it doesn’t hit Bendtner’s arm it falls to the Celtic man behind him

  3. Georger

    Tim Lincecum’s hair vs. Samaras’ hair, there can be only one!

  4. Highbury Library

    I think the Celtic man had already gone behind Bendtner. Need to see again to confirm if Nicky leaned into the ball.

  5. Georger

    He definitely leaned into it, but maybe they just gave him the benefit of the doubt for being a moron.

  6. whizalen

    grrr, meeting time. When I come back, I expect Arsenal and Sunderland to have held on, boys

  7. Cup of beer tossed onto the pitch, the hell do they think this is, the Azteca?

  8. hockalees

    Donati for MacDonald

  9. hockalees

    Fortune for Samaras

  10. whizalen

    f**k me…can’t even get out of chair and sunderland surrender

  11. hockalees

    A yellow… finally… not even the worse foul on Fab.

  12. Georger

    Going to be a big season for Ballack.

  13. Copenhagen and Olympiacos both score, dealing a blow to the minnows from Cyprus and Moldova respectively.

  14. Georger

    Crap call.

  15. Highbury Library

    Vukcevic ties it for Sporting and follows it up with a red card a minute later.

  16. I don’t know about that one Massimo

  17. Would it kill Celtic to put a good ball in for once?

  18. Highbury Library

    Lampard penno. 2-1.

  19. hockalees

    Someone in an Arsenal kit is going home hurt tonight…

  20. hockalees

    I will say this… for two games into the season, I really like Bendtner’s work rate. A complete 180 from last season.

    And Gallas makes a good play on a cross.

  21. A Gallas own goal there would have been delicious. And what a terrible corner

  22. Highbury Library

    William don’t scare me like that. And that was one of the worst corners I’ve ever seen.

  23. hockalees

    Diaby on for Arshavin… bad move… would rather have seen him in for Denilson

  24. hockalees


  25. Highbury Library

    Own goal. 2-0. Tie over.

  26. 2 incredibly cruel goals against Celtic tonight

  27. hockalees

    2 – 0 Arsenal…. Diaby releases CLichy down the left and his cross is deflected into the net by Caldwell… ha ha ha.

  28. Norfolk Ned

    Anyone have a tissue?

  29. jape

    Two flukey goals. Nice set up by Arse coming forward though – make your own luck and all that. Nice work, boys.

  30. MCR

    Chelsea score. 3-1.

  31. GeneralGametime

    And there goes another feed. At least I got to see the goal and hear the scots weep about it.

  32. All about FC Sheriff now for me

  33. Norfolk Ned

    C*NT F**K SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I F**king hate football.

  34. jape

    This veetle feed has been solid all match. Needs a quick internet plug-in install, but after that runs clean and smooth.

  35. hockalees

    76th min… McCourt for Nguemo

  36. Dudu dribbles through the entire Sheriff backline, then is way too casual in putting the ball past the keeper, and it’s saved out for a corner

  37. Yeah, I use Veetle for all my Bundesliga, it’s quality 99% of the time.

    This Sheriff match features vuvuzelas competing with a high school pep band, so it has that going for it

  38. hockalees

    Anyone still have a feed on Arsenal… I just lost the Russian one…

  39. Georger

    Who was yelling that?

  40. 2-0 Olympiacos, Mitroglu with the goal, just came off the bench. He got away with a huge shove to do it.

  41. 2-2 Lisbon-Fiorentina Goal by Gilardino

  42. jape

    And Sky Sports 2 decide to discuss Cesc being cup tied if he were to be traded. Cunts.

    /yes, I am a yank. no, I dont get to call people c**ts very much. thanks again UF!

  43. Georger

    Wouldn’t he only be cuptied for Barca in the group stages? Don’t think they need him to advance.

  44. MCR

    Who knows? Who cares? He’s not going anywhere.

  45. Precious Roy

    Then wouldn’t Arshavin have been available for Arsenal last year in the KO stages, Georger? Don’t know for certain but I don’t think there is a group stage/knock-out stage distinction.

  46. Georger

    I guess if you play at all in the CL you can’t play in it again that season? I was going on the rule that if you play in the group stages or whatever they are of UEFA you can still play in the knockout stages of CL.

  47. hockalees


    Don’t know if this is clear but:

    “17.17 For all matches from the start of the first knockout round, a club may register a maximum of three new eligible players for the remaining matches in the current competition. Such registration must be completed by
    1 February 2010 at the latest. This deadline cannot be extended.
    17.18 One player from the above quota of three who has played UEFA club competition matches for another competing club in the current season may exceptionally be registered, provided that the player has not been fielded:
    − in the same competition for another club
    − for another club that is currently in the same competition.
    Furthermore, if the player’s new club is playing in the UEFA Cup, his former club must not have played in the UEFA Cup at any point in the current season.”

  48. hockalees

    So if Fab sent to Barca, he’d be cup tied because of 17.18.

    He’s not going to Barca this year anyway.


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