Unprofessional Foul


August 18, 2009

The Tuesday Bootroom

My dream home.

My dream home.

Welcome, Welcome, It’s a bumper day of football and this is the place to be…

Champions League qualifying action, Premier League action, Colaship action and League One action, Get in City!

Can Celtic suppress Arsene’s new toy, the 4-3-3? Will Paul Lambert be patient and keep in his seat at Griffin Park? Can Sunderland expose Ancelotti’s less than sparkly diamond?

Will Wigan go top of the Premier League with a win at home to Wolves?  Will the referee in Ipswich make a bad call and Neil Warnock’s head explode, destroying the evil place? And What about Exeter and Yeovil, a west country derby! Lets hope the cider flows and everyone is up for that one.

My prediction? Drunk farmers 1 Football 0.

Full fixtures after the jump, the floor is yours my firends, have at it!

Champions League
Celtic V Arsenal
Premier League
Sunderland V Chelsea
Wigan V Wolverhampton
Barnsley V Preston
Blackpool V Derby
Bristol City V OPR
Doncaster V Coventry
Ips**t V Colin Wankers 11
Forest V Watford
Posh V Baggies
Plymouth V Cardiff
Scunny V Boro
Blades V Leicester
Swans V Reading
League One
Bee’s V Super City
Exeter V Yeovil
Hartlepool V Rovers
Huddersfield V Seaguls
Orient V Charlton
Hooligans V Oldham
Stockport V Carlisle
Swindon V Saints
Trannies V Dons
Walsall V Dirty Leeds
Wycombe V Southend.

All yours…

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Norfolk Ned
I like football. What else is there to say?