Unprofessional Foul


August 21, 2009

Nice Kit…OUCH!

Non-league Abingdon United FC has some brand spanking new kits and Ned approves. I’m a bit of a sucker for all things yellow, all the best teams wear yellow, Norwich, er, Norwich, and er, Norwich. But Abingdon players are not so keen on the color of their new kits. The bright yellow appears to be attracting wasps and one player was stung by a yellow jacket during a game.



“It’s our new yellow tops, It’s a little bit too yellow. If the sun goes down a bit and there aren’t as many bugs about we’ll be alright. I’ve been to the doctors to get some cream.” – Striker Anaclet Odhiambo.

Poor Odhiambo. Dr George Gavin of Oxford University is calling bull sh*t on Anaclet and his team mates and says that the kits don’t attract wasps at all…

“Insects can see in colour, they have three-colour vision, but there is no evidence that wasps would be attracted to that. If you were an insect that was attracted to flowers then there is evidence that insects are drawn to that type of bright colour. In the case of the Abingdon strip I really don’t think that there is a problem. They may attract small insects and flies but I suspect it was just the time of year when wasps are flying around.” – Dr Gavin.

Now Dr Gavin need to sit in the idiot corner with all those other cluless Dr’s, who recently said that sugar doesn’t affect the behavior of kids. As a Norwich fan I can tell you that wasps certainly ARE attracted by yellow. August and Sept inside Carrow Rd often means partaking in a swat festival with your program. I won’t wear my City shirt on days that look wasp friendly! Oh, and Ned Jr only needs to see sugar and he is bouncing off the walls.

Abingdon United should look on the bright side, they may run a little faster until summer is done, lets just hope it’s not in the opposite direction to the ball.

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