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August 22, 2009

The Bootroom: Weekend #2

Old Mother Hubbard lived in a shoe

Old Mother Hubbard lived in a shoe

Look at that title. We sure are UK-top-flight-centric around here, aren’t we? Sure the EPL and SPL enter their second weekends, but there is so much other fun out there. Depending on your point of view, this could be Week 1, 2, 3 or even -1 (Spain only).

But I digress. The storylines are out there. First–how did Man U get such an awesomely scheduled start to the season, and will this be the match where they take advantage? One goal in 180 minutes does not have SAF nervous enough to buy a striker, but I’m betting Red Devil fans have sweaty palms over the season’s start. Here’s another–how many can Arsenal score on Pompey? Pompey are much worse off than last season and Arsenal look strong to start the year, even if that hot start includes a couple of rather lucky goals against Celtic. Maybe not six this time, but four is reachable for North London’s finest.

Will we see Jozy today? I, and my fantasy squads, hope so. Will Birmingham City have watched tape on Rory Delap’s throws? And if so, will their new Hong Kong overlords care? Further overseas, will we see another brace from everyone’s new favorite USMNTer Charlie Davies?

Finally, after those questions have all been answered, we can bring it all back to the good ol’ USA and watch flailing DC United squad host the oh-so-cosmopolitan Galaxy on FSC. Becks is back after his laughable red card, and Donovan is on his way out. We’ll be here to discuss it all. Well, maybe not the last match, but we will leave the key under the mat if you want to come in and comment. Fair enough? Just don’t make a mess that you don’t clean up.

Here are the highlights of today’s fixtures. All times EDT.

8:00 FC Moscow v. Saturn (Setanta)
9:30 FSV Mainz 05 v. Bayern Munchen (Gol)
10:00 Wigan v. Manchester United (ESPN2)
10:00 Manchester City v. Wolves (FSC)
10:00 Arsenal v. Portsmouth (Setanta)
10:00 Birmingham v. Stoke
10:00 Hull v. Bolton
10:00 Sunderland v. Blackburn
10:00 Norwich v. Wycombe (Ned’s house)
10:00 Carlisle v. Exeter (Spectator’s house)
10:00 Hamilton Academical v. Aberdeen (ü75′s house)
12:00 Bologna v. Fiorentina (FSC)
12:20 West Brom v. Ipswich (Setanta)
1:00 Montpellier v. Sochaux
2:30 Siena v. AC Milan (FSC)
3:00 Rennes v. Marseille (Setanta)
7:00 DC United v. Los Angeles Galaxy (FSC)

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  1. spectator

    1-0 to the Grecians, you magnificent bastards! We are still better than Norwich City for the time being.

  2. anybody have a hull city stream?

  3. Goat

    Here’s how tired I am: I’ve had the City game on the TV waiting for Jozy to come on for Wolves.

  4. ebullientfatalist

    Glad Ramsey got a goal. Perhaps the Cesc substitution was merely precautionary? One can hope, yes?

  5. Eladio

    Diaby’s back, but not looking very strong. all 3 subs used already.

  6. Goat

    Did Jozy get the assist right after entering?

  7. jape

    “Bentner, mazy run” – promptly dispossessed.

  8. Highbury Library

    Shambolic defending from Arsenal, even worse finishing by Utaka.

  9. Eladio

    Defending has been asleep this game, but without Clichy, Sagna and Song, I’m not too worried.

    /whistling by the graveyard.

  10. teeknuts

    F**k Micheal Owen.

  11. Lingering Bursitis

    Citeh are rubbish.

    Meanwhile, in everyone’s favourite league:

    Simurq Zaqatala 0, FK Mughan 0 (43 mins)

  12. hockalees

    And Owen scores…. of course he does….

  13. sven

    re: Owen… “He could have put his foot through it, gone for power…”

    Yeah, but then he would have injured himself.

  14. Eladio

    Bendtner: Once you receive the ball, start counting. If you reach 1 and you still have it, please pass immediately.

  15. @Eladio – Nicky doesn’t know how to count.

  16. hockalees

    C’mon Wigan… at least freaking TRY to play… Utd’s goal differential is so undeserved in this game.

  17. Georger

    I feel bad for City fans (almost), they actually think they can break into the top four with this team?

  18. spectator

    Well done, Gooners. Now we just gotta make sure that Cesc isn’t really injured.

  19. Georger

    I really don’t think Ade won the ball there …

  20. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    Ahem. What a shot by Nani.

  21. spectator

    Ugh, 3 minutes of injury time for Exeter to hold on.

  22. spectator

    Free kick for Exeter just outside the Carlisle box! That’ll do it… Total smash and grab! We were the second best team all game yet get the three points.

  23. sven

    This Bingham chick is horrid.

    And Rooney was on the hattrick today… but could only manage the brace. *smirk*

  24. spectator


    How’s it looking down at the bottom of the table, Ned?

  25. jjf3

    Dammit…Rovers drop the point and are now in the drop zone.

  26. Georger

    I feel a ‘Five Star United Cruise’ headline coming from Soccernet.

  27. Norfolk Ned

    Don’t know Spec, we won 5-2. Keep it up pal, when we overtake you and you hit the s**ts, i’ll be on you!

  28. jjf3

    So we outshoot Sunderland 18-8, and win all of the 10 corners in the game, and still lose. Ugh, not the way to start the season…

  29. you only are on a brace during the match. once you can’t score the hattrick the brace goes away. only a double then. at least according to the traditional cricket terminology.

  30. Goat

    Looks like Jozy had a couple of shots, as well. It’ll be interesting to see the highlights.

  31. spectator

    @Ned – It’s all about Exeter avoiding relegation. Five points in four matches is a terrific start to the season. We barely deserved a draw today let alone the win… Just goes to show you what a gutty, well-managed team Exeter is.

  32. sven

    hehehe I’m winding y’all up. BUT…

    You’re never ON a brace.

    On the hattrick = during the game.

    Scored a brace = during & after the game.

  33. nope…brace can exist only during the game. once the match is over or the player is substituted there can be no brace. if you want to use cricket terminology, we will have to use it correctly.

  34. ebullientfatalist

    I’ll watch the Bolton-Hull game this afternoon, just for Mr. Al-tee-door-ay.

  35. Norfolk Ned

    @Sprc.One point above us. Nice of us to give everyone a head start. Off we go, 3 more points we’ll be knocking on the play-off zone. Who else has a striker with 7 already?

  36. ebullientfatalist

    Can we just say he scored two goals? Americans don’t understand your fancy words.

  37. spectator

    @Ned – Not sure you are catching up to Charlton and Leeds, matey. Playoffs should be there for Norwich though if you can keep up the results. Honestly though, great result for Exeter today. We may just stay up in League One afterall.

  38. Georger

    I’m a big fan of ‘double salvo’.

  39. sven

    It may have been born of cricket, but those rules have changed upon its adoption in football. *grin*

    /pointless contrary-ism

    Ugh, suppose there’s nothing left to do but vacuum my place.

  40. machine gooner funk

    very nice lads. we played poorly and still won 4-1. bear in mind it was pompey but last year it was teams like this that gave the gunners trouble and cost us points b/c they’d waltz in expecting to win and its nice to see the change in attitude, determination, and focus. i’m really happy for diaby. as a gooner its hard to have the fondness i have for him b/c most gooners always slag him off. i just wish he was more consistent. he always shows flashes but then the next week he’ll revert back to losing the ball, being lazy, and passing for s**t so here’s hoping he’s putting it all together finally

  41. @sven: i’m waiting for ned to call me a tit.

  42. jjf3

    WBA go up 1-0 on Ips**t

  43. Precious Roy

    That could have easily been 4-3. Terrible chances conceded and Gibbs looked like poo (save for one stellar tackle on a recovery). But United will be brimming with faux confidence, so next week should be fun.

  44. Schalke defender almost pulls Ibisevic’s shorts and underwear down.

  45. ü75

    From yesterday?

  46. MrRedDevil

    Nice bit of one way traffic from United in the second half. And a beautiful goal from Owen.

  47. Chuck Davies and Sochaux lose 1-0 to Montpellier.

    Gooch not in the starting XI against Siena

  48. I’m reallllly trying to care about Serie A this year, but they are making it tough for me.

  49. Jeff G

    In the Siena-Milan game the announcer just said that Pato was on a hattrick as he went for a 3rd.

  50. [...] does not have SAF nervous enough to buy a striker, but I’m betting Red DeviRead more at http://unprofessionalfoul.com/?p=5216 var addthis_pub = ”; var addthis_language = ‘en’;var addthis_options = ‘email, favorites, [...]


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