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August 22, 2009

The Bootroom: Weekend #2

Old Mother Hubbard lived in a shoe

Old Mother Hubbard lived in a shoe

Look at that title. We sure are UK-top-flight-centric around here, aren’t we? Sure the EPL and SPL enter their second weekends, but there is so much other fun out there. Depending on your point of view, this could be Week 1, 2, 3 or even -1 (Spain only).

But I digress. The storylines are out there. First–how did Man U get such an awesomely scheduled start to the season, and will this be the match where they take advantage? One goal in 180 minutes does not have SAF nervous enough to buy a striker, but I’m betting Red Devil fans have sweaty palms over the season’s start. Here’s another–how many can Arsenal score on Pompey? Pompey are much worse off than last season and Arsenal look strong to start the year, even if that hot start includes a couple of rather lucky goals against Celtic. Maybe not six this time, but four is reachable for North London’s finest.

Will we see Jozy today? I, and my fantasy squads, hope so. Will Birmingham City have watched tape on Rory Delap’s throws? And if so, will their new Hong Kong overlords care? Further overseas, will we see another brace from everyone’s new favorite USMNTer Charlie Davies?

Finally, after those questions have all been answered, we can bring it all back to the good ol’ USA and watch flailing DC United squad host the oh-so-cosmopolitan Galaxy on FSC. Becks is back after his laughable red card, and Donovan is on his way out. We’ll be here to discuss it all. Well, maybe not the last match, but we will leave the key under the mat if you want to come in and comment. Fair enough? Just don’t make a mess that you don’t clean up.

Here are the highlights of today’s fixtures. All times EDT.

8:00 FC Moscow v. Saturn (Setanta)
9:30 FSV Mainz 05 v. Bayern Munchen (Gol)
10:00 Wigan v. Manchester United (ESPN2)
10:00 Manchester City v. Wolves (FSC)
10:00 Arsenal v. Portsmouth (Setanta)
10:00 Birmingham v. Stoke
10:00 Hull v. Bolton
10:00 Sunderland v. Blackburn
10:00 Norwich v. Wycombe (Ned’s house)
10:00 Carlisle v. Exeter (Spectator’s house)
10:00 Hamilton Academical v. Aberdeen (ΓΌ75′s house)
12:00 Bologna v. Fiorentina (FSC)
12:20 West Brom v. Ipswich (Setanta)
1:00 Montpellier v. Sochaux
2:30 Siena v. AC Milan (FSC)
3:00 Rennes v. Marseille (Setanta)
7:00 DC United v. Los Angeles Galaxy (FSC)

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