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August 31, 2009

Quick Throw: Freddy Adu Staying in Portugal

Freddy Adu will be staying in Portugal this season but not at Benfica. Ives Galarcep is reporting that a Portuguese website claims the young American will be loaned out to Portuguese club Belenenses.

Belenenses is in the Portuguese first division along with Benfica and sits in seventh currently. Another plus for Adu is that the club is in Lisbon like Benfica so there should not be a huge upheaval in his life that would accompany a move to another city or another country.

Hopefully, Adu will finally earn some playing time. His career really depends on it right now.

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  1. phil

    I really hope he gets some PT. He needs it, and USMNT could really use a creative force at midfield.

    Even though Bob will play his stupid kid instead.

  2. Keith

    Also in fun transfer news, Blackburn and Pompey are both reportedly in for Bolo Zenden. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  3. whizalen

    @ Keith – feel the excitement as the transfer window nears closure

  4. phil

    @ Keith: We’ll sell you a Jermaine Jenas. He’s only been fired once and dropped twice.

    +1 if you get that movie reference.

  5. Anonymous

    Full Metal Jacket.

  6. phil

    BTW, is there going to be a transfer deadline open thread?

  7. phil

    and a +1 to Anon for knowing his Kubrick.

  8. phil

    Villa have lodged a bid for Hammer’s defender James Collins

  9. whizalen

    @phil – it wasn’t that obscure a reference

  10. Ellis Carver

    @phil I’m more of a Clockwork Orange kinda person, so explain the FMJ reference (I saw it a few years back for a film class).

  11. phil

    In exchange for the services of a consenting female adult, Private Joker offers to trade her escort ARVN rifles. The joke is essentially that you’re offering someone who’s already going to get f**ked the chance to get f**ked again. Jenas is injured, and even when he’s healthy, he’s a bundle of frustratingly unfulfilled promise.

  12. phil

    @ whiz:

    Not everyone is an auteur. Myself, for example.

  13. phil

    Sunderland have signed Michael Turner

  14. Keith

    I knew about the Collins bid. Don’t think I want Jenas, as I’d rather have NRC, Delph, or even Salifou in the side with Sidwell and Petrov than Jenas.

  15. Keith

    that said, Phil, there’s always the chance that Jenas ends up ripping through Ledley and the rest of Bravo company save Woody (who looks a little Matthew Modine-ish)

  16. phil

    LOL, Keith.

    Spurs appear to be closing in on Kranjcar

  17. Keith

    Part of me is envious; the other part of me sees how well Coker, Sidwell and Petrov cut down Liverpool and Fulham and realizes O’Neill might be fine riding it out with those three in the center of the park until Downing’s healthy.

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