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September 10, 2009

England’s World Cup Team now needs more socks.

Fabio Capello – the proclaimed Merlin of British Football, has made yet another rule that is sure to go over well with everyone and make no one happy: the Wives do not have carte blanche.

This no doubt will come as a blow to many, but this will keep the trades humming for the next few months. Which may be what Fabio has in mind.

The claim is the 2006 team was unfocused in Germany due to the constant flow of WAGs and their paparazzi crews, disrupting the flow. Fabio is allowing the ladies to visit “The day after matches.” No pre-match coitus to distract the lads. He is running his team his way, and he is willing to lay the law down on these players.

I think this is a brilliant decision actually. First of all, I doubt some of these players are willing to tell their spouses “you have to stay elsewhere while I’m working”; then combine the paparazzi train wrecks; and you are left with a team that is a bit scattered. Capello is also soft-pedaling their chances for a change, and not getting them to think the victory is all but assured, a welcome respite from the Sven Show. He’s earned this bit of political capital by winning the past eight qualifying matches.

There may be some method to Fabio’s madness. ESPN Soccernet is reporting that Capello has a 5 Million Pound bonus if he can get the English squad the win next year. Not a bad pay day, and no wonder he is working his players and limiting access to any distractions.

Right now, I’m waiting for curfew and bed checks and photos of sneaking in the ‘working girls’ at night.

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  1. Georger

    I didn’t realize Scott Carson being a sack of s**t was related to the WAGs, learn something each day I suppose.

  2. This no doubt will come as a blow to many, but this will keep the trades humming for the next few months.

    I see what you did there.

  3. ebullientfatalist

    @Georger: I’m sure the WAGs would deny any connection with Scott Carson.

  4. Love Capello’s quote:

    “When we are in South Africa the players need the wives, friends, the girls. One day after each game.”

    Broad category that can come the day after each game. Just don’t use the locals, boys.

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