Unprofessional Foul


September 15, 2009

It’s Hard Out There…For An Aspiring Pro Footballer


Is This How I Become A Pro?

Becoming a professional soccer player is very difficult.  It takes dedication, sacrifice, hard work, luck and most of all a huge dose of talent to just make it.  Sometimes, just sometimes, it takes a little bit more.  Like being a drug mule.  That’s right, sometimes you need to smuggle drugs to become a pro.  Nigerian footballer Dike took this last illicit route to achieve his dream and was arrested in India on Sunday on suspicion of smuggling heroin into the country.

During interrogation, Dike alleged that a fellow countryman playing for a club in India promised Dike a roster spot with a club in Guwahati if he smuggled 500 grams of heroin to New Delhi.  Customs officials arrested Dike in the airport with the drugs hidden in the buttons of a ladies garment.  Seriously.  Dike arrested with drugs in buttons of ladies garments.  I couldn’t make this up. 

If I only knew this was an alternative method to becoming a pro soccer player.  I would have honed my smuggling skills instead of my juggling skills.

Sidenote: Do a google search of “soccer ball smuggle heroin” and be amazed at the number of stories.

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