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September 18, 2009

Taking penalties the Irish way

We’ve all seen horrendous misses before. Chris Iwelumo against Norway. That other Scottish guy against Holland. There are tons of players worldwide that have scuffed shots and squandered open goals, but many of them (they’re not all Scottish, you know) have been spared the ignominy of having it recorded on a shaky camera phone and shared via the internet.

Well, poor IFA Premiership striker Kyle Neill isn’t so lucky. Check the tape (complete with colorful language in a cheerful Irish brogue at the end… turn it down a bit if you’re in the office!):

(vid via @TheFiver on Twitter and 101GreatGoals)

The goal would have helped nicely, as his fifth-placed team Glenavon drew with fourth-placed Glentoran 2-2, but it was not to be. Here’s hoping that next time he is on PK duties (which will be never), he goes for the less-aesthetic option and hammers it, toe-first.

Still, it’s 15 minutes of fame, right?

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