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September 23, 2009

Well, that was fast.

Campbell: Played Morecambe and Wised Up

Campbell: Played Morecambe and Wised Up

Are we prescient or what?

After our post yesterday regarding Sol Campbell’s rather poor debut for Notts County, we learn in the dead of night that the creaky defender has walked out on the club and asked to be released from his five-year contract.

You read that correctly; just one appearance into the relationship, and Sol’s reportedly had enough.

County are apparently going to beg and plead him to return and see out at least some of this deal, but it doesn’t look good. Campbell’s agent, the wonderfully-named Sky Andrew, was unavailable for comment, and Sol himself was nowhere to be found.

Stay tuned, folks. This Notts County experiment is just getting warmed up.

EDIT/UPDATE: The more I think about this, the more I reckon Sol’s up to something. As an unconnected player, he could turn up anywhere, and it’s no coincidence that after locking in this long-term deal, he’s noticing all the high-profile clubs struggling with injuries to center-backs. If Liverpool can sign some Greek guy, Sotiris Kyrgiakos, to fill out an EPL bench, why wouldn’t someone sign Sol? You know, despite the obvious laughing stock he’s become.

The latest odds from SkyBet project the following (though bear in mind the Football League has already said he cannot join another club until January, rendering some of this possibly moot):

Newcastle 3-1, Tottenham 5-1, Burnley 8-1, Fulham 8-1, Spanish club 8-1, Arsenal 10-1, Blackburn 12-1, Italian club 12-1, German club 16-1, Wolves 16-1, Portsmouth 20-1, Australian club 33-1

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James T


  1. Steve


    also, are you suggesting Sol could return to Spurs???

  2. ü75

    Did you really put an Edit/Update for a post that had been up for all of three minutes? That’s still proofreading time as far as I am concerned.

  3. I think Off the Post was floating the Spurs rumor this morning. That’d really be something else.

  4. James T

    u75: indeed I did. don’t want to be misleading!

    Steve: you said it mate, not me :) I just think the timing of all this is awfully fishy. He committed to something thinking all other avenues of employment were blocked off. Now, he’s looking around and seeing quite a few clubs that could use the help. I bet his agent is busy today…

  5. James T

    Magnakai: I’m floating no rumors, but just putting 2 and 2 together. Sol’s a clever guy. There’s something going on here, I’m sure of it.

  6. Steve

    I think it’s funny that someone walked into the Notts County boardroom over the summer and said, “You know who we should get? Sol Campbell.” It may be funnier that someone took him seriously.

    It pains me to think that Daniel Levy may be about to walk into the Spurs boardroom and do the same. He wouldn’t, would he?

  7. James T

    I think what clued me in was the club’s quote about Sol not being prepared for the long-term nature of the project. In short, he wants to collect some checks for a year or two at a club where he’s not expected to be the saving grace or the guy leading a serious rebuilding project.

  8. phil

    Let me be perfectly clear re: my feelings about S*l:

    I would rather be cornholed by a syphilitic goat than have that Judas back at the Lane.

    I’d put Crouch at CB before I’d have that lying traitor back.

  9. Defoe's a Yiddo

    Phil says it best, Judas Cunt is not welcome back

  10. whizalen

    “Judas Cunt is not welcome back”

    Oh, you’re taking about Sol. Phew. You guys want Berbatov back, right? Please?
    - Sir Alex

  11. Goat

    Where’s all the goat hate coming from?

  12. James T

    To wit, latest figures from Sky Bet:

    Newcastle 3-1
    Tottenham 5-1
    Burnley 8-1
    Fulham 8-1
    Spanish club 8-1
    Arsenal 10-1
    Blackburn 12-1
    Italian club 12-1
    German club 16-1
    Wolves 16-1
    Portsmouth 20-1
    Australian club 33-1

  13. Norfolk Ned

    He is going to Spurs. Mark it.

  14. Defoe's a Yiddo

    Ned, are we allowed to wager

  15. Norfolk Ned

    Whats fantastic is that he blamed the poor football, where did he think he was going? Did he think League 2 was home to decent football played by Brazilian immigrants with fake names English names?

    He also said he wants better football ahead of the WC. Hahahahahahah. Like he is getting into Capello’s squad.

    What a doofus. And they were paying him 45,000 a week! Priceless.

  16. phil

    I really can’t stomach the thought of that Benedict Arnold back in lillywhites (with just a hint of yellow!). Stop making me imagine it, Ned!

  17. Steve

    Just to be clear to where I stand as well, I’m with DaY and phil on this one.

  18. Norfolk Ned

    @DY. Sure.

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