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September 23, 2009

Well, that was fast.

Campbell: Played Morecambe and Wised Up

Campbell: Played Morecambe and Wised Up

Are we prescient or what?

After our post yesterday regarding Sol Campbell’s rather poor debut for Notts County, we learn in the dead of night that the creaky defender has walked out on the club and asked to be released from his five-year contract.

You read that correctly; just one appearance into the relationship, and Sol’s reportedly had enough.

County are apparently going to beg and plead him to return and see out at least some of this deal, but it doesn’t look good. Campbell’s agent, the wonderfully-named Sky Andrew, was unavailable for comment, and Sol himself was nowhere to be found.

Stay tuned, folks. This Notts County experiment is just getting warmed up.

EDIT/UPDATE: The more I think about this, the more I reckon Sol’s up to something. As an unconnected player, he could turn up anywhere, and it’s no coincidence that after locking in this long-term deal, he’s noticing all the high-profile clubs struggling with injuries to center-backs. If Liverpool can sign some Greek guy, Sotiris Kyrgiakos, to fill out an EPL bench, why wouldn’t someone sign Sol? You know, despite the obvious laughing stock he’s become.

The latest odds from SkyBet project the following (though bear in mind the Football League has already said he cannot join another club until January, rendering some of this possibly moot):

Newcastle 3-1, Tottenham 5-1, Burnley 8-1, Fulham 8-1, Spanish club 8-1, Arsenal 10-1, Blackburn 12-1, Italian club 12-1, German club 16-1, Wolves 16-1, Portsmouth 20-1, Australian club 33-1

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