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October 2, 2009

Super Tan

Super Tan to the rescue. "Why eye lassie, doooont yer jump naw"

Super Tan to the rescue.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Is it a flying tree? No it’s Super Tan, flying walking to the rescue, to save the tormented soul of a damsel in distress.

Hull City are quite fond of a team walkabout these days. Jozy Altidore regularly tweets of the squads ‘strolls’ through town or occasional ‘meander’ over the Humber Bridge…

JozyAltidore17  On a walk with the team on the Humber bridge. Nice breeze today 4:59 AM

Ah the Humber bridge, the Hull squad, Phil Brown disappearing from view every time a brown car passes his profile. What could be better? How about coming across a young lady about to ‘do herself in’ by jumping off the 5th largest suspension bridge in the World? And THEN talking her out of it! Well that’s what happened on Wednesday, as revealed in Phil Browns press conference today.

“We walked across there. We saved a girl actually – considering her future, shall we say. You don’t know, do you, until someone jumps, whether they were actually going to do it?” – Hull City manager Phil Brown.

Indeed Phil, you don’t. 200 desperate Hull City fans  miserable people have jumped from the bridge since it opened in 1981 and only 5 have survived.

Brown said that the team were on the bridge “looking for clarity”. Did they find any? Well I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow for the answer. Hull City face Wigan at home having picked up just 4 points this season from a possible 21, winning just once.


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