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October 13, 2009

QT: Charlie Davies involved in car crash [UPDATE]

If we believe all things twitter, than we have some bad news for Charlie and the USMNT.  According to the SoccerInsider twitter feed, Charlie is in surgery following an accident on the GW Parkway. This may be related to the accident reported last night where there was a fatality. Current traffic reports do not show issues on GW Parkway.

Believed to be the vehicle in which Charlie was traveling.

Believed to be the vehicle in which Charlie was traveling.

Comments from Jozy Altidore and Maurice Edu back this information up.

ESPN is now reporting the accident, while a local NBC newstation states that the fatality (if they are, in fact, the same accident) was 22 year-old Ashley Roberta of Phoenix, Maryland.

In either case, a rough day for the Men’s national team. Here’s hoping that Charlie (currently still in surgery) will be ok. If reports are correct, he’s lucky to be alive given the state of the car.

[Update]: It is now being reported that a USSF spokesperson (presumably Neil Buethe) has stated that the injuries to Davies are “‘possibly’ career-threatening”.

[Update]: The AP is reporting the woman was not the driver of the vehicle.

[Update]: Apparently USSF has withdrawn the ‘possibly’ career-threatening comment as there is not enough info (from Grant Wahl )

[Update]: A variety of sources now reporting that Davies broke his right femur and tibia (requiring the insertion of titanium rods), has a lacerated bladder, facial lacerations, and a fractured left elbow. The latter 2 conditions may require additional surgery. Minimum of 1 week in the hospital, and anywhere from 6-12 months of recovery time.

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  1. Steve

    Soccernet reporting it now, as well.

  2. Precious Roy

    Does it say he’s okay or just non-life threatening? And holy f**k, where’s the other half of that car?

  3. Damn, just damn… That’s all I’ve got.

  4. Bergkampesdios

    non life threatening, but potentially career ending.
    If you can go to www dot nbcwashington dot com
    More pictures, including the other half of the car. The fact that two people survived the crash is absolutely amazing.

  5. kaf

    Ugh. Poor kid. Survival first, soccer second.

  6. The NBCWashington link is in the story above.

  7. Bergkampesdios

    Nice. Good thing I’m paying attention.

  8. Seems somebody had a word with the USSF, they’re backing off the ‘career-ending’ part…. (via Grant Wahl’s Twitter)

  9. Ryan

    Man, this is devastating. I’m sure with time I’ll get some perspective on this, but I’m absolutely floored. Even though I’ve only seen him on TV or on Twitter, it’s almost like I know the kid.

  10. hadley

    He went to Boston College a few years after me, so I somehow feel like he’s a friend. Thoughts and prayers are with the kid.

  11. Dan

    A couple outlets are saying he wasn’t the driver, fwiw. Early report was that he has a broken leg and internal injuries.

  12. Steve

    Sportscenter reported possibly 5+ hours of surgery, but that he is in stable condition. Video is on the ESPN front page right now, but there’s not much else to it. Really hoping he’s alright.

  13. Charley

    SF over at offside rules has a video of local news saying its the femur and the tibula that is broken.

    more news is supposed to be out in 20 minutes.

  14. Georger

    Amazing that someone survived that, wow. Horrible stuff.

    Thanks for having the tact to not immediately talk about how this impacts the team.

  15. Charley

    Goff just said on his twitter:

    “Confirmed: Tibia and femur fractures in right leg. Also lacerated bladder, facial fractures and elbow fracture.”

    at least he’s okay.

  16. ebullientfatalist


  17. phil

    I just hope Charlie’s okay. Football doesn’t really matter right now.

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